Diggin' Piano Jazz?

I’m a huge fan of lighter, piano jazz and just downloaded the Gabor Varga Jazz Trio’s DSD Cool Jazz from NativeDSD. I have to say I am blown away.

I’d be grateful if folks could share other albums they love in this genre (and if any are HD/DSD).

Thank you!

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I like GV’s work, too. Cool Jazz is one of my go-to albums, but I don’t know of any others by the Trio.

You could check this out. Available in 192/24.

Or this available in DSD256:


Will do.
Thanks Greg!

Just like you I have a preference in jazz piano. You may listen to Keith Jarrett Trio (Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack Dejohnette). Quasi Only 16/44 kbits. Always good recorded by ECM. Try for example Still Live, the Cure and the Out of Towners in CD or in downloads on QOBUZ. This is true heaven.


Thank you very much! I will definitely get all of them : )

You may listen to :
Helge Lien Trio
Tord Gustavsen Trio
Jan Johansson
(Dieter Illg could be a match for you as well)
Bill Evans (I recommend to start with: You Must Believe in Spring…this is my all time fav)
Brad Mehldau (fav!)
Esbjörn Svensson Trio (E.S.T)
Ketil Björnstad
Stefano Bollani

just to name a few…these bands are not that “free format hardcore hectic” :wink:


Thank you very much T! I will definitely get into these!

This is a great descriptor! And here, all this while I was limiting myself to saying “too jazzy” …

; )

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Hi @PaleRider and @T38.45 , the NY Times just published this : )

5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Jazz Piano https://nyti.ms/3xXj5tf

ahh, thanks! but can not read it (I have not subscription) :wink:

Thank you! That’s delightful.

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I’ll pull the key pieces and post them later (respecting Copyright of course)

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My first Jazz Piano recording was (and it was my first Jazz album ever) Yout Must Belive in Spring from Bill Evans. I bought this and after 20sec I knew: wow- this is something special. Think this is still one of the greatest recordings ever made (for Jazz…)
Later on, I bought Keith J: Köln Concert - that was my second one. Now crossing over Brad Mehldau, e.s.t (they were so great!), Bill Evans (almost every record), …there are so many outsanding artist. For me, it’s all about melody, harmony and lyrical approach vs “see how fast I can play” :slight_smile:

add on:

this is a nice one :wink:

NY Times: 5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Duke Ellington
We asked jazz musicians, writers and others to tell us what moves them. Listen to their choices.

It’s hard for me to take any 5 minutes of this music.