Densen audio technologies cd

I came across a cd a while back that purports to improve sq through demagnification. I have never put it into a device but its been laying here for a year or two. Anyone know anything about it. I googled it but didnt find any reliable info. B


Yes. It looks like the same concept . I am curious if anyone has tried it… good or bad

I own the IBE disc but have never tried it. It has some useful tracks aside from the slow tone glide.

In particular, mono in-phase and out-of-phase brown tones are useful for speaker setup.

Yes. I get it. Thank you

I use the Densen now and then, when I Think my system/sound needs a ‘refreshment’. I like it.


I use that all the time!

No idea what it does but it works (tracks 1 and 7) and I would not be without it — just putting it on now for my upgraded Rossini APEX!

The Nordost one is also great. I have the Densen one too from my Naim CDS days and that works too.


I have the Nordost - good noise tracks as well, useful for setup. Honestly I am not sure how these would help other than warming up voice coils in speakers, but regardless I find it cooky and interesting just from a wizardry standpoint.

Make sure to use them with a scotch at hand - works even better this way.

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Now you’re talking my language! :beers:

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year. Let’s hope it’s a good one.


It works by demagnetising spuriously magnetised components in the system ( not permanently magnetised parts such as loudspeaker motors). It uses hysteresis which is the glide tone mentioned elsewhere in this thread. This method has been used for many years when demagnetising tape heads and phono cartridges. So there is more to it than exercising voice coils.

Some like the effect but others find it results in their system sounding edgy which takes a period of usage to return to its previous state.

The first I can recall of the technique being applied to CD based systems was on a test disc issued many years ago by the cable company XLO. I have both the XLO and Densen discs but they are not applicable to my active tri-amplified system.The practical reason for this should be easy to deduce once the method of demagnetisation iby hysteresis is understood.

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Hey Pete. As my mentor used to say, i heard what you said but i dont know what you said. How does it demagnetize what. (Or even more simply can it improve my system through its use). As you know i have full vivaldi stack, w additional perf10 clock and amplification side is krell 707 and krell class a 600c plus 450mcx class a amps and wilson speakers and sub. Can you break it down for the simple minded. Thank you sir

Tape heads get magnetised over time because of the continuous physical contact from the magnetised tape. On the other hand, there’s no technical basis for speaker-driver voice coils, or any other electronics for that matter, getting magnetised by carrying normal music, which is AC in nature and averages zero polarity over time.

I suspect these CDs work to influence our brains more than they do on any actual HiFi component :laughing:

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Yes Anup. Thats what i was trying to understand … exactly that. That tape head demagnification i understand having had reel to reels for many years. And the magnetic forces on the tape itself and how it can distort the sound. But i am open to learning other manners of organizing electrons to improve sound despite how incredulous it may sound. B

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Thanks for that point which I had not appreciated. I was thinking along the lines of the AC power signal being rectified before reaching the audio circuitry so that the system thereon would be DC.

Given my health issues it is good for me to be stimulated by such a dialogue :smiley:.


Which one is the XLO disc? I have the one they produced with Reference Recordings, but at most that has a burn-in track.

That’s my experience with the Tellerium Q System Disc: system too ‘sharp’, pain in my ears…takes a long time to soften

The disc was produced by XLO and Sheffield Lab. Hence the production and booklet’s technical notes were by Roger Skoff and the late great mastering engineer Doug Sax of the companies respectively.

It is unadventurously called “The Sheffield\XLO Test & Burn In Disc”
( !0041- 2-T). As you can see it does contain burn-in tracks but track 7 is the demagnetisation one relevant to this thread.

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The best I can do is refer you to one of the many articles online regarding Hysteresis Loops. Most are very technical but this is comparatively straightforward:

The demagnetising effect of part of the loop has not just been exploited by using a CD player to produce the requisite signal but companies like The Gryphon in Denmark have made a hardware signal generator to do it, The Exorcist ( they also made another for phono cartridges).

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Hope that you are feling much better Pete. Merry Christams

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Thank you so much for your kind consideration. May I also wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.

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