Debussy with Windows

In my current setup, AES out from a Win computer goes to AES in Debussy. Can I use a Puccini U Clock on Debussy knowing that I will NOT be able to clock my source (Win computer) with it and it will just be serving Debussy?

Yes but not using AES from a computer. Are you sure about this? I have never seen any commercially available computer with an AES output.

Do you really mean USB not AES? If so then as the USB port on the Debussy is asynchronous ( it means the DAC controls the timing of data from the PC) then this is fine. The U clock will still improve upon the Debussy’s onboard one. You do have to download the USB class 2 driver from dCS to the PC however - I assume from your comment and that you mean USB that this has already been done.

Thanks, Pete, for the information. As for AES out of computer, I wanted to hide the complicacy so, mentioned the AES. So, here is how my system is setup. I use a connectivity known as Dante; I am sure you must have heard about it. On computer side I have a USB to Dante converter and then at DAC’s end I have Dante to AES converter. Unless you already know about Dante, it will be a too big of subject to write here about but in short, it a format to route audio over IP (Ethernet cable). Dante route is the best digital transportation I have heard till date. There is a mystery however if I connect the same USB directly to USB of Debussy, it is worse than my current arrangement of routing USB data via Dante network. Please PM me in case you like to know more about Dante.

The good news is though that I received the clock an hr ago, hooked it up only to Debussy and could hear the difference immediately; money well spent.

Dante (like the newer RAVENNA/AES67) uses Precision-Time-Protocol (IEEE 1588v2) to embed a clock signal of the original bit stream into the IP packet.

The net effect is that the AES output from that Dante device at your DAC end is synchronous in nature, and your Debussey will lock to the clock derived from that AES input.

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Thanks and just to emphasise your point : In which case the asynchronous advantage of the USB input is lost and the source is then not effectively locked to the U Clock .

Right but I was worried if my system will work by having Puccini U Clock locking just the Debussy and it worked finally with no issues. Thanks for timely responses.

I was wrong in this assessment and had problems not having both my DAC and AES clocked with Puccini. I had to buy Focusrite unit that let me clock the AES too with Puccini and now I am all set and enjoying music.