Debussy different versions?

I’m looking at purchasing a used Debussy but see a variety of different letters used in the serial #’s. I have seen serial #’s starting with DDC, UDC, DDP, etc. Are there different models or versions of this DAC? And if so, what do the serial # letters indicate?


Perhaps this will help?

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I found somewhere and noted when I was buying the Debussy.

‘Another item to note on the back panel of the Debussy is the serial number sticker plate. The review unit is the latest variation which has a starting code marked DDP, which comes with asynchronous USB input while the older version is marked as DDC, which requires an extra cost upgrade kit for it to meet current model specs. Buyers of used DCS Debussy, please take note!’

Found from another site, similar info, worded differently.

'NOTE: This is NOT the early version of the the Debussy DAC which have a serial number starting with “DDC”. The early versions will only run 1.xx firmware and are limited to 96K.

This dCS Debussy DAC is a DDP model with 2.30 firmware that supports 384K PCM over USB or 128 DSD.’

Thanks so much for the info …. that’s exactly what I was hoping someone would clarify for me (I couldn’t find anything in my searches).

Thanks, that will help me determine if the latest software is installed.

Do you still own the Debussy?
What are your thoughts on its performance?

I’m torn between getting a Debussy now at a great price ($4000 USD) or spending 4 times that amount for a new Bartok.

…and it tells you what the differences in functionality are between the two different hardware versions and the different software versions.




The two are not easily compared as they are not functionally the same. Debussy is a good DAC which you will have seen over the years expanded the formats that it would process . Rossini is a DAC. It is also an upsampler. It is also a network streamer offering streaming services, radio and , of course, the replay of local files. It also comes with a control system that runs from your phone or tablet. To say the least it also sounds better - try to get to hear one.

So you need to evaluate if those facilities are going to be of value to you and if the expense is viable. In regard to the latter issue, as you are thinking of a new Bartok ensure that you are aware of the prices that will apply for 2023.

Yes, I still own Debussy. In my decision, amount to spend was and is the major factor. I do not know when I will have that kind of money and guts to spend on Bartok or anything up.

Am I satisfied? Yes, an emphatic yes. The way it dissects and renders the tracks is remarkable.

As always, thanks for the kind, thorough and informative response. You always provide insight.

So glad you’re still enjoying the Debussy. I owned a Paganini DAC & Clock a few years ago and wished I’d never sold them.

I will try to take Pete’s advice and audition a Bartok. Then determine if it’s worth going for it or save some $ and look for a used Debussy.

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