Dealer insists I get a tube pre-amp for my Rossini, but I disagree... tight bass anyone?

So my dealer has an obsession with getting me to swap my C53 SolidState preamp out for a C2700 tube pre… I’ve heard both (the prior generation C52 and C2600) side by side and white I liked the vocals and mid’s better with the tube (C2600)… I definitely preferred the musical instruments, but especially the bass (and electric bass most especially) on the Solid State option…

Am I imagining all of this, or is there that much of a difference and does my observation line up with most of you?

Are you likely to want a tube pre if you’re listening to more vocal centric music, and solid state for punchy bass?

PS… both were played thru a solid state amp (MA452)…

Why would you take anyones opinion (or insistence) over your own preferences?

There are some things that tube pre amps might add or subtract that draw some listeners in. I have tried and owned them in the past (including a 2300) but always gravitate back to SS. It is all what you are looking for in the end, not your dealer or your friends.


I use a tube preamp. I have various SS ones too but since buying the tube ( EAR Yoshino 868) they haven’t had a look in. I am, however, not a rock music fan. I do use solid state power amps, so a classic hybrid setup.

Aside from your speakers and programme material, bass will depend upon the pre-amp, the installed tubes and the cables. Too many variables to make a prediction. However if you want “slam” ( a quality that I find artificial) then you may prefer solid state.

If your dealer is really obsessed with you changing the preamp ask him to loan you the C2700 for 7 days. That will test his commitment to your interests :wink:.

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