dCS set as renderer only in Roon

Hi there,

I’m using Roon with Bartok for long through ethernet input, and MQA works fine for me. Roon default let Bartok handles both decoder and renderer, so is decoder + renderer.

Out of my curiosity, i tried changing it to renderer only, so Roon core handle the first unfold, then pass to Bartok to handle the second unfold. And it sounds quite different, and i actually prefer this.

This config works well, and the MQA status logo is shown on the DAC display panel as well.

But i find the filter used is my normal selected F4, it will not auto switch to M1.

My question is, shall i change it to M1 from technical point of view? Or the M1 only affect the first unfold and it doesn’t matter as renderer only? Or i break something by using it this way?

From the manual: Filter M1 shows, when receiving and decoding MQA. Then it shows, but also one of the other 6 filters you selected is working. If you only let your Bartók render, M1 will not work, only your normal selected F filter.

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