DCS Rossini Ipad Compatibility

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum.
I have just ordered a dcs Rossini dac to be added to my ATC SCA2 / ATC SCM150ASL loudspeakers.
I’ve read the manual and it seems that only few apple products are certified with this product.
If I buy one of the latest Ipad models could I run into incompatibility issues with Dcs Mosaic?
Thank you.

Hi Andrea and welcome.

My guess is that the majority of Bartok, Rossini and Vivaldi owners who contribute to this forum are users of i-pads with Mosaic. I am myself. If only or mainly required for running Mosaic an older refurbished i-pad will work fine and save money. The thing that matters is the version of iOS and all up to date ( including refurbished models) i-pads currently run v. 14.3 but most earlier versions will also work.

I suspect that Apple update their products more frequently than dCS does the Mosaic User Manual.

Hi Pete.
Thanks very clear!

I think that I had better refine one point. When I say earlier versions I guess I am referring to those using 64 bit architecture i.e. earlier than iOS v.5.1. may not be compatible.

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My iPad is around 3yrs old but running iOS 14.4.2 without any issues for Mosaic