DCS Remote control

Due to local fires my internet is down as much as its up and with no internet Mosiac doesnt work.
if i was to get a DCS Remote will i be able to select UPNP and then can I play from my NAS?, Or can i do this on the main Screen. On my Harmony Remote the only DCS function that seemed to work was power on and off, now after latest IOS update my remote wont connect to my HUB to check out what i can and cant do with it.
(Fiber Connection ordered but 6-12 weeks out, to hopefully solve my issues)

dCS remote only allows you to switch between inputs rather than between services served by the same input. So you can select “Network” as opposed to AES etc. but not between , say, UPnP, Tidal, Qobuz, Radio etc. all of which use the “Network” input. Further with only dCS remote you have no way to select albums /tracks from your NAS and play/pause them.

For UPnP only there should be no need for an internet connection with Mosaic so long as you have your NAS, Mosaic control device and your dCS network player ( I think that you have a Bartok ) connected to the same LAN. However having not tried it myself it is possible that there may be secondary considerations that might require Mosaic to have internet connections for correct operation but I am unaware of them. The manual makes no mention of any need for an internet connection although a router is required to provide a wireless access point ( WAP) for the control device running Mosaic.

AFAIK navigation of tracks via the fascia screen is only available for USB flash drives inserted in the USB input. You cannot navigate a NAS.

The latest iOS update ( 14.0) was sprung on developers in the last few days with little notice and many apps are as yet not compatible. Given your other comments this may be the cause of your problem.

Thanks Pete,
at least in my case if the internet is down Mosaic will not work even though my in home w-ifi is working. so was just looking for some sort of work around.

I can confirm that Mosaic will work for UPnP/local file playback even if the Internet is down.

Just be sure that the dCS platform and your UPnP Server still have their allocated IP addresses (via DHCP or manually configured) and are connected to a functioning Router/Switch.

Thanks Anup
the problem with my Mosaic is that as soon as the internet drops Mosaic loses connection with the Bartok and goes into search Mode. if i was playing a UPnP source (my NAS) prior to the internet failure it will continue to play until the playlist is finished, then i have nothing until the internet is up again and Mosaic is able to find the Bartok again.
Hopefully when i get my Fiber connection i will quit having these drop outs and that should solve most of my Bartok/Mosaic problems.
thanks MIke

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Are you sure that everything is on an internal address? Like 192.168.1.*?
It might also work better if you went into your router settings and assigned Bartok to a fixed address. Do this for your controller device also.

Hi John,

It’s odd that the internet going down causes Mosaic to lose connection to the Bartók - they should be independent of one another. If Mosaic loses connection at the same time as devices like smartphones or computers lose an internet connection, it sounds as though your router may be having issues. Is that the case or can you still load webpages on a computer for example when Mosaic disconnects?

Hi James,
when i lose iphone to Bartok connection, my iphone also looses internet connection breifly. i have found that by cycling the WiFi off on, on my i phone the phone sees the Bartok and i can reconnect although last night i had to reconnect several times before i was able to access the Tidal/Quboz accounts.
I have a fiber connection coming in the next few weeks and will try to hook up that connection to a new wired router (any suggestions on a type or brand). and updating my wifi router at the same time.
i will let you know if this solves my connection issues.