Dcs Network Bridge+Devialet vs Dcs Bartok

Has anyone compared the Dcs Network Bridge+Devialet 200 with Dcs Bartok? I use the first combination and the sound is great! Excellent transparency and clarity, nice tone colors, precision, great scene. The only downside is that the sound is slightly subtle and a slightly lack of body of sound. What would Βartok give more to the sound? I think maybe I should listen to Bartok before I buy DCS Network Bridge…

I really dont se the point of getting a Bartok to use with Devialet. You already have a DAC in the Devialet and if you use a Bartok you will run analog to the Devialet and all analog inputs on Devialet will be converted to digital to be able to do DSP and after that it is converted to analog again.

I run a Network bridge with my TAD dac and used to own Devialet before (D200->D400->D440) perhaps you should try other networkbridges. The old Devialet did in my ears sound best with AES input but the new ones have much more flexibility with direct networkstreaming from Roon for example.

Thanks for your reply. I probably did not express my thoughts correctly. I mean how could it be compared Devialet 200+DCS Network Bridge with Bartok+someone else power amp (like Primare A35 or PS Audio Stellar M700 or something else).

I do not think that there is a sensible answer to your question. The comparison you desire is just so unspecific. What combination of Bartok and amp are we talking about? People will have different opinions about the Devialet v. Primare v. the PS Audio amps even before we start adding a Bartok into the comparison. There is also an unknown amp (or amps) to take account of in your question just to muddy the waters :grinning:.

Further you are effectively asking for a comparison of a Network Bridge to a Bartok ( not really possible to compare as they do not have identical functions). Additionally as Octaviars has explained the subject is further confused as you are asking for a comparison of a direct digital conversion to analogue system with a system that has a digital conversion to analogue converted back to digital then converted to analogue again. Who knows without doing it ( and I doubt that anyone has done this for the reason that Octaviars said - what would be the point?) ?

My real advice? Ring your nearest dCS dealer and ask for a demonstration of a Bartok. Ask him to suggest an amplifier he thinks is suitable. Also take your Devialet with you if you can ( after all it isn’t all that large).


There are in my eyes just to many variables here to say this is better than that. If you wont more body and soul in the sound perhaps Devialet is not the best amp for you?

What speakers are you using for example?

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Thanks again for your reply. I do not think that any other amplifier in this price range can give me the clarity, transparency, definition, focus and functionality of the Devialet. I really like these features. My speakers are Sonus Faber Olympica 2.They sound better than ever with the combination Devialet+ Dcs NB (expect sound body).

You are right! Thanks for your reply. I’m just so excited about the combination (Devialet+NB) that I wonder what Bartok can do. And I asked if anyone had a similar experience.

Well I doubt any other network bridge will make it much better than the dCS you use now. Have you connected it with a digital AES cable?

Have you considered geting the Devialet upgraded to the latest version? Then you get some more power and also the latest digital input card with direct streaming from Roon for example and the need for a network bridge will be obsolete. The price for the upgrade is perhaps a better place to spend money than on a network bridge.

After owning a couple of Devialets I also think they were very good but perhaps the part “body and soul” is not their storngest part :slightly_smiling_face:

I might ad that I never used my dCS Network Bridge with any of my Devialets I used Roon, HQ Player and Devialet AIR software to stream from my PC to my Devialets (Devialet AIR was a pain in the butt sometimes).
I decided to get a dCS Network Bridge to go with my TAD equipment after using SOtM (they also got sold because of software problems) for some time.

Since I got the dCS there have been zero problems with anything and it sounds superb with my TAD gear.

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Υes, i have connected it with a AES cable.I did not do the upgrade because I thought I did not need it. Also, some say that the sound is no different from the expert series. Now put me in thoughts and thank you for that!

Do you use Mosaic or Roon?

Mosaic. The Stereophile reviewers said that is a better choice and offers better sound.I will also try Roon

Well I have both and 99% of the time use Roon (with Qobuz). In my ears they sound the same and the way Roon works and let me find new music and the radio function where it chooses music based on what I usually listen to is something I really like.

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I’ve live with Devialet 220 for 2 years before, exactly with dCS Network Bridge. Then choose between upgrade to 440 or Bartók.

Then i made the switch and migrate to Bartok and Esoteric F-03a.

I’ve a friend bought in a set of 440, I can feel its improvement is all round and significant. Make it more perfect and reduce the sound signature of Devialet.

But my switch to Bartok + class A integrated amp give me even more tube like female vocal, but softer bass line. So it depends on what is more important to you.

For the body of sound, Bartok is exactly strong at this, with more meat on the bone, together with natural details and air around the body. The leading edge and attack is less prominent compare with Chord DAC i use before.

Overall, i archive the SQ i aim and think it raise the SQ to another level.

But please be prepared for more fun and effort in system / cable matching, where Devialet’s simplicity is unmatched.

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Your experience is valuable and thank you for sharing it. I’m thinking of trying the Bartok with a power amp. I’m thinking, too, to try various power cables with Devialet to see if I can improve the body sound.

Great, i have tried my Bartók to F-03a power section as well. It sounds more direct and warmer, which is quite welcome, but slightly reduction in some air details, so you have to try yourself to decide.

I’ve build another DAC direct to power amp system years ago, using a brand of power amp which i have listen to the pre-power amp combo and like it so much. But the result end up quite unsatisfied, i guess that amp combo’ s sound signature depends heavily on the pre, where my use of power amp alone miss that so much.

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Hi Paul
I’ve the same combo but I’ve not tried feeding the Bartok direct to the F-03a’s Power section. May I know how was the bass performance in this connection from your experience?

If you love bass, then u must try. It’s stronger, more prominent.
This tonal balance could better suit your situation and taste. I just feel it less air and more important is i lost the flexibility of using other input.

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Thanks Paul… I’ll play around this weekend and see if my findings are the same :slight_smile: