DCS Network Bridge and MQA Pass Through


I recently acquired a DCS Network Bridge. I have it wired to an Esoteric dac/sacd player via the SPIDF connection. All works great.

One question related to MQA, however. In the current setup, the NB does the first unfold/decoding of an MQA file and the Esoteric player does the final rendering. The Esoteric reports ORFS to confirm the final rendering.

Is there anyway to turn off the decoding in the NB and just pass through the original file with relevant MQA tags so that the Esoteric would do the full decode/rendering? I’m guessing there may be no substantive difference between NB decode plus Esoteric rendering vs full decode and rendering by the Esoteric player — so this is more a question of curiosity than real necessity. I tried to search but couldn’t find this specific topic addressed.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Hi John,

No, it isn’t possible to disable the NBR doing the first level unfolding of MQA files…



Thanks Phil. Appreciate the prompt and helpful response.