Dcs Mosaic app with foobar UPnP

i am a bartok owner and use foobar as UPnP server
i have some comments on Mosaic

  1. No “Play All” button in UPnP folder
  2. “Play All” button in UPnP album does not work, i have to select all songs and press “play selection”
  3. album with different artists will generate many album records
  4. sometimes some menu items are not selectable and display nothing, such as upsampling. it must be DSD or DXD? i am not sure whether there is upsampling or filter at all.
  5. 24/96 flac shows as 16/96
  6. possible to play all songs under a folder and its subfolders
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I’m using the Media Renderer Output plugin for Foobar2000. Thanks to it, I stream music from my NAS via a USB cable to DCS Bartók. This works well and can be a temporary replacement for Mosaic. It looks like the software has more recesses and urgently needs a newer improved version.

dCS equipment does not actually use a standard UPnP format. It is their own proprietary code.

The only server software officially supported is MinimServer and using alternatives produces unpredictable results.


Thanks a lot.

It seems much better and faster with MinimServer.

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