Dcs Mosaic app - iPhone vs iPad

This may sound crazy…but I am hearing differences in dCS network bridge audio quality depending on whether I use the Mosaic app using iPhone or iPad. Preferring the iPhone as it sounds cleaner.

I know that that the app is only a control point and should not impact audio. Wanted to check if it’s just me.

Just you. The music data is not passed through either i-phone or i-pad or anything else running the Mosaic control app.

It is amazing how we human creatures have our senses affected by all sorts of unconnected factors. Perhaps you found the sound cleaner because the image is sharper on the smaller i-phone screen? Or maybe your system was better warmed up or suffering less RFI/EMI when you made the i-phone comparison? Or even, outside of your conscious appreciation, there was then a nice scent in the room ? Or the sun came out? Who knows?

All I can say is that technically it is not possible for only the choice of the device displaying Mosaic to affect the sound.


I understand your response. One thing though…I experienced this earlier when the NBR was still burning-in. It was running a bit hot on the highs …so either I had to walk a few steps reduce the volume on my pre-amp or switch over to the iPad.

It probably burned in a little more whilst you took that action. More seriously RFI interference often manifests itself as excessively bright highs so maybe by the time you switched to the i-pad the cause of the pollution had been switched off?

There will be a cause, physical or psychological (or both), but it won’t be the iOS device.