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We need a good, robust safe Marketplace for DCS pre-owned components so we can have an easier upgrade path and a better entry path into the great DCS products world. A Structure involving dealers should not be an issue as that should also be part of the solution offering. It’s a mistake to think everyone has good access to a good DCS dealer in their area. Sometimes when you have one at all it’s a limited access dealer meaning there is no retail type showroom to audition or personally meet the dealer. Also apologies to the good ones but I found more dealers dealers than you would think are not as customer oriented as we might like to believe . They tend to size you up for spending power and devote their time to your questions and interaction accordingly. I have had several 50K to 100K systems with Meridian, DCS, HiFiman , Krell, etc and more than my share of experiences like I am suggesting with each. As DCS products have many devoted buyers and enthusiasts. A place to safely buy and sell DCS components specifically even with dealer participation would be quite helpful to all of us and I believe ultimately DCS. Can’t tell you the many time I have been swayed away to another brand by an accessible dealer who carries another product because you can’t get to DCS network unless your able to attend shows. Most of us can’t. As an example I just recently sold off most of my system to try another HP system and wound up trying to reassemble my DCS Lina as I saw more value in it when I tried others. However I can’t find a pre=owned Lina AMP in a place i trust anywhere on line. Audiogon had one for a couples of months and it was mine……. And right now I can’t drop a full price replacement. Also finance structures are everywhere. Why not in high end audio? Looking at apple as an example I have a never ending relationship with their more expensive products because they facilitate your getting the next one from payment plans to better financing partners. So by example I often use their options say for the latest Mac while I am selling the one I currently own. It Keeps you constantly in the family upgrading (just an exampl) If DCS had that I would be completing my Lina system again while I am selling the items I bought that I am not satisfied with. I think its something worth thinking about?


The discussion started here

and you can count me in.

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I agree.

This would give people have a choice as to how they sell and upgrade equipment. A buoyant market can only help more people upgrade.

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Hi guys,

Having a secondhand marketplace for kit as far as a manufacturer is concerned is something that isn’t straightforward … there’d be a conflict of interests with the dealers and also we wouldn’t be in any position to ensure that units are in good condition (or are even a legitimate sale) so this isn’t something that I can see us doing on here.

We’ve seen the postings though Anthony and I’m sure it will be discussed.



When I bought my Jaguar, I was very glad to see dealers used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles on the national Jaguar site. This was great because I didn’t need to search for each dealer’s website, or even worse call each dealer for their CPO inventory. Of course the dealers were 100% responsible for everything related to the sale. I ended up buying from my local dealer at the time, but I found the car through the national website. For a car like this, I wanted to buy from a dealer. For used dCS gear I see that having similar advantage. Thankfully, the Lina sales model has new unit online sales because I do not have any convenient dCS dealers. But if I wanted to buy a used dCS, having something similar to the Jaguar method would be great.

Thanks for your comments. My sentiments exactly. However configured and organized the high-end products like DCS absolutely would benefit themselves and their customers. The dealer networks are just not sufficient in todays market place. In many places there is literally no place you can go and see and hear the new Lina line. No on line dealer will send them for audition. And I have already had my share of issues with dealers of different brands after you pay full price simply returning your purchase upon request in even short time frames. IMHO manufactures should open up to the reality of a changing marketplace and help make it easier for audiophiles to make commitments in the 10’s of thousands of dollars with a more robust buy/sell/exchange/trade support of some kind. At least in terms of getting you pointed to a robust safe source of pre-owned units without having to scour the world on the web. Just my opinion. Thanks for your comments. P.S. I know many people have solid dealer relationships for years but they are the fortunate ones. It’s not the norm anymore.

I too was very invested in Meridian for decades - until they sold out and got so snotty
The directors before that even came to my house to install the 8000 speakers!
I ended up selling ALL of it!
There was a group called Meridian hitchhikers who discussed Meridian stuff and provided sales and purchase mechanisms
I fell out with them as they became so locked into the new Meridian group and one was allowed to criticise Meridian. Seeing as I had numerous issues with Meridian unreliability I didn’'t last long before I was chucked out

Similar meridian experience. They ran me around on damaged components in transit for over eight months . I’m a never meridian buyer now

@ARDDCS I hope that you view the video that @Ermos has posted in the " [Only the Music: dCS Company Tour " thread. In the light of your comments about another manufacturer the levels of quality control that dCS units enjoy may give you some confidence.

I agree that some sort of officially certified used scheme would be great. However how it might work outside of dCS’ immediate control is more complex to imagine. For example a car dealer might have equipment to validate the mechanical status of a vehicle ( over here they have to do this every three years) but audio dealers /distributors do not have access to the custom test equipment that dCS have. Just being able to get a sound out of it does not guarantee that all is as as should be.

Thx, there are many areas that can’t be covered or solutions for. I’d be happy with any that helps DCS customers buy, sell, and trade with other DCS owners allowing for more people to follow an upgrade path. Also the dealer situation for products like Lina is just not what it could be and IMHO I think DCS may believe it is. It just think we are having a worthwhile discussion looking at possible solutions

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I decided to check the current new pricing on the LINA system, and found that dCS direct sales in the US has disappeared, and instead of “Add to Cart” there are now “Find a Dealer” links. Probably makes more sense so long as dealers are still allowed to ship to remote buyers.

I’ve seen where people used Facebook for this type of activity. For example, a Facebook group called DCS of America and similar for other countries.

There could be a dCS Dealer sticky thread where only official dealers put their trade in units, save trawling the various websites and forum classifieds. The dealers should also get clued up and genuinely interested customers. Appreciate the admin involved for dCS staff policing things may not be feasible.

The UK forums I’m on have Trade sections, the dealers usually pay a small subscription fee, maybe that would fly.

I’m lucky having access to a good dCS dealer 100 miles away but realise many folk need to sort things out over email/phone and have things couriered.

Interesting for sure

I would imagine dealers would rather sell products to people within visiting distance, selling secondhand gear is an effective route to building relationships and finding long term spenders. Dealers putting there stock online might be counterproductive to them even if it were good for us.

I understand your point and agree in principle. I would note however one problem is there aren’t enough “local” dealers to address the problems in the discussion, most carry multiple lines of products and are invested in the DCS community up to a point.

I would note the Lina line is a different dynamic (even DCS acknowledges that) hence the discussion. Crazy thought as an example. A business model has kind of always existed for products without brick and mortar stores and such. A way,Tupperware etc. In home local dealer “demonstrations “ had huge sales.

What is DCS sponsored and provided materials for local dealers to facility small local in community “shows” pre advertised. An example take gated community with a golf or clubhouse facility. Events are constantly being promoted and held . Facilitate a local listening party run by your local deal with support from DCS . Effectively have more “accessible “CAN Jams in more areas ?? Just another thought

The difficulty with Facebook is you can’t guarantee the person you think you’re talking to is really that person. As opposed to those that have contributed on here who have a track record of posting, potentially over some period of time.

I can understand, however, that dCS don’t wish to turn a support forum into a used/pre-loved sales forum.

Agreed on face book. As to the other respectfully the discussion is really not suggesting to turn this forum into pre-sale. The discussions are broader than that addressing the needs of DCS owners and buyers and current dealer solutions. Thanks for the input

Agreed, I was purely trying to address the suggestion that dCS had a channel on here for advertising used dCS gear, which might help some customers, but also understand why they might not wish to do this.

I wasn’t trying to stifle a wider conversation, I simply feel I have little to add to it as I’ve been happy with my dealer (and my proximity to them).

I might not be the average customer but I never buy expensive gear new, same goes for cars for that matter. Might be that I buy from a dealer who has a good deal on a demo piece or traded in. Especially if the traded in equipment is not a brand they normally sell you can get good deals. And I also buy from fellow enthusiasts.

I fully get why dCS will not set up such a marketplace, full of pitfalls and could hurt relationships with their importers/dealers.

There are of course plenty of marketplaces for audio, but there are some scammers about, and if it seems to good to be true it probably is. Using some common sense and a feel for how someone communicates or any red flags I get along well. When buying my Vivaldi DAC recently I actually drove 1700km total to pick it up in person because it was the most expensive piece of audio I ever bought. It was totally worth it. The seller was a gentleman and fellow enthusiast who literally used a piece of microfiber cloth to push the buttons on the unit. Needless to say it was impeccable.

I’m trying to find a way of sneaking into my post that I do have a black Paganini transport (230V) for sale should anyone be interested in spinning silver discs. I guess that was a bit obvious but in case anyone’s interested just send me a personal message :shushing_face: I am going to upgrade to a Vivaldi one.