DCS Lina DAC screen flash

Hi, new here and to DCS with a recently acquired Lina DAC, but I have a question re the display hoping someone can advise.

Whenever I ‘Power Off’ the device, or Power On, there is a disturbing bright flash of the screen. It varies from time to time but doesn’t feel right for such a lofty piece of hardware. I captured an example in the picture below, sometimes its worse and is across the screen. Does anyone else get this, is it normal or something amiss? Thanks

Hi @Flikflac,

I’m experiencing the same issue that you mention although I only notice this when I turn on the Lina dac. I will check this when I turn it off.

Must say that I’m a little disappointed that the Lina dac doesn’t have an eco standby mode that doesn’t draw 22 watts, that’s why i power off the dac.

Edit: oh and the distortion you have on the left side is on the right side on my unit.

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@support Is this a known issue or something to worry about? I try to ignore it but the flash varies in intensity and just now it was a full screen red flash - surely it cant be good for the life of the display?

Mine does the same… hmmmmm


If the display flash is when the unit is powering on or off then that is not a fault… it happens because of the way that we have implemented our DACs (and the control / processing) using FPGAs and the sequence that they start up / shut down. It won’t reduce the life of the display at all.

I see that Richard has said about a distortion on your DAC and his - can you both drop me an email to [email protected] so that we can look into this with you?

Best Regards

Phil Harris

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Hi, thanks for responding, nice to know it’s not a fault but have to say, it’s really disconcerting and shouldn’t really happen on a device of this calibre. Maybe a software tweak could resolve in the future? Regards

It’s only the flash issue on mine… cheers

Hi @Phil, no need for support I guess, it seems a normal phenomenon when turning on or off.