dCS launches Mosaic, a powerful new music streaming platform for all current dCS products

9th May 2019
Cambridge, UK.

Data Conversion Systems Ltd (dCS), the leading manufacturer of high-performance digital audio components for music lovers, will launch their new streaming audio platform at the annual HIGH-END show in Munich on 9th May 2019. Named dCS Mosaic, this new product brings greatly enhanced streaming audio functionality and a new user experience to all owners of current dCS products.

dCS Mosaic is a bespoke collection of hardware and software modules which, when combined, provide a listener easy and intuitive access to a vast catalogue of digital music. Streaming audio has been a core technology of dCS products since the release of Vivaldi in 2012, but Mosaic represents a leap forward in terms of functionality, performance, and user experience.

While the TIDAL streaming music service has long been available to dCS customers, dCS Mosaic will allow listeners to take advantage of the high-resolution offerings of Qobuz as well as the massive catalogue of CD-quality music offered by Deezer. The addition of a library of internet radio stations and podcasts from around the globe enhances the new service offerings with a wealth of content sure to please any listener.

A key element of the product launch – and the one that will benefit every dCS customer – is the dCS Mosaic Control app. Conceived from the ground-up as a truly cross-platform solution, dCS Mosaic Control is a single, unified interface to any current dCS product using a mobile device running iOS or Android.

Complete with extensive array of features for music discovery and playback, dCS Mosaic Control also provides a completely re-imagined interface for dCS owners to manage the settings and configuration options of their dCS product(s) which allows them to tailor the sound of their systems to their preferences.

While customers will undoubtedly appreciate the enhanced functionality and ease-of- use of dCS Mosaic Control, its cutting-edge technology enables absolute feature parity whether customer chooses Android, iOS, phone or tablet as the preferred control device.

At launch dCS Mosaic consists of two components: the dCS Mosaic Control app (discussed above) and the dCS Mosaic Processor. The Mosaic Processor component utilizes the same hardware as all currently-shipping dCS products and will be fully realized through a firmware update.

Managing Director David J. Steven commented, “We’re a small company and our products have very long life-cycles, but that doesn’t stop our engineers from innovating every day. As we make real improvements to our designs we strive to make these available to our customers at minimal or no cost. This is the promise we make when someone invests in one of our products.”

All owners of current dCS products (Vivaldi 2.0, Vivaldi One, Rossini, Bartók, and Network Bridge) can take advantage of the advancements of dCS Mosaic through a simple firmware update along with an app download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Steven went on to comment, “The owner of the very first Vivaldi we ever shipped in 2012 will be able to take advantage of all that Mosaic has to offer no differently than the new customer receiving a Vivaldi shipping today. That’s us fulfilling our promise.”

dCS Mosaic 1.0 is available today (9th May 2019) at 9:00am GMT at no cost to existing customers and will begin shipping with new products at the same time.

Attendees of the annual HIGH-END show in Munich (9th – 12th May) will have the opportunity to experience Mosaic first-hand in the dCS room (Atrium 4.2, room F209) and the dCS headphone listening stations (Hall 4, booth N09).

Key points:

  • dCS Mosaic is a new streaming audio offering from dCS available for all current dCS products.
  • dCS Mosaic Control is a newly-conceived user interface available for both iOS and Android with absolute feature parity between the two.
  • dCS Mosaic allows a customer to enjoy streaming music from a number of different services and sources including UPnP, Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL, Roon, Spotify, Airplay, internet radio, podcasts, and locally-attached USB storage.
  • dCS Mosaic delivers enhanced stability and performance.
  • The dCS Mosaic architecture is flexible and extensible, allowing for significant future enhancements.
  • dCS Mosaic is available at no-cost for all owners of current dCS products starting from 9:00am GMT on Thursday, 9th May 2019.
  • The dCS Mosaic Control app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.