dCS Debussy Volume Control

My dCS Debussy is connected as a pre with two monoblocks via balanced XLR output. Is it normal that a full volume reduction to 0 (by Vol- button) still gives a quite strong musical signal (both at 2 and at 6 V O/P) ? Muting with the mute button cuts off the signal completely.

Not sure if it is normal or not but it is same with my Debussy too.

Thank you for the information. At least I know I don’t have a damaged version of Debussy. Generally it is not ok.

" - 0" on a dCS volume control does not mean no output but 0dBfs ( DeciBel Full Scale) which is full output.

That means if your source ( e.g. CD) contains the theoretical maximum modulation at a point then the Debussy will put out 2V there . If the Debussy is s et to 6V line output then the full output will be 6V etc.

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The minimum volume step on the Debussy is not a “- infinity” (mute) step (it is -60db) so it is still audible - this is correct. To fully mute the output you do need to use the mute button.

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