DCS Bartok and Roon

Hi All. New owner of a dCS Bartok here!

While I’m absolutely in love with this device, which I’m currently using with the Mosaic App, I’d love to be able to use it with Roon in order to fully enojoy the various sources with metadata, etc.

Any recommendations for a good setup? What type of Roon Core would you recommend?

I want to use the Roon Core as a “transport” only with all streaming and decoding done by the Bartok. Can I do that?

Appreciate any help.


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dCS kit is Roon Ready, and largely not a part of your questions as it “just works”. You would be better served reviewing the Roon forums, where questions about Roon Core hardware are quite common and already answered.

Thanks for the reply. I know it’s Roon ready but I need to have a Roon Core which I don’t have now.

And my point is, dCS has zero to do with/impact on the Roon Core decision. You will get much better info about Roon Core configuration from Roon/the Roon forums.

@cwichura is right, just start to read here:

Thanks a lot.

Just for the sake of clarity, Bartok does no streaming. The streaming is all done, well, upstream. Get a good Roon device. If it’s in your budget, I strongly recommend a Roon Nucleus or Nucleus+. I’ve done the Mac mini, the NAS (Synology), and the NUC. Skip the headaches. Get the Nucleus.

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Hi Franco

I’m pleased that you love you new Bartók. Is yours with or without the headphone output?

I also have a Bartók on order. Black, without the headphone output. I have been told it will be around 8 weeks before it arrives, due to huge demand.

I have my Roon Core on a Roon Nucleus. It contains an SSD which contains my music files.

As Greg has suggested, if you can afford it, go for it! The reason that I didn’t buy a NAS, which to be fair, is a cheaper option, I had a Qnap NAS which was on it’s last legs, so I thought rather than get another NAS, go the whole way and get a Nucleus. Core, storage, all in one unit! It’s a solid build, quiet with no fan. :+1:

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Agreed Greg :+1:

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Thanks guys. I’ll go for the Nucleus then. What about the ssd discs to be included? What do you recommend? Also would you recommend plugging the Nucleus into the network via Ethernet or to the Barton via USB? As I said, I would like to upsample the music from the Bartok only. Thanks again.

This. Always this. It is also dCS’s own recommendation.

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Always Ethernet. On the SSD, install 2x size of your current music library, or the next highest available increment. I have an 8tb drive in mine. I would not install less than 2tb.

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