dCS Apex series is here

The dCS Apex range has been announced here in The Netherlands, with the following prices:

Comparing prices in Euro: previous series → Apex:

Bartók : 14.900 → 19.900
Bartók HDAC : 18.500 → … (no mention of the headphone version)

Rossini : 22.900 → 30.500
Rossini Player : 25.900 → 33.500
Rossini Transport : 21.900 → 25.800
Rossini Clock : 8.900 → 10.800

Vivaldi : 30.900 → 39.500
Vivaldi Transport : 35.900 → 43.000
Vivaldi Clock : 15.500 → 20.400
Vivaldi Upsampler : 21.500 → 25.200

Remote : 795 → 875

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Thanks Erno,
means the “new” Rossini has the price of an “old” Vivladi now…wow!
Do you know the upgrade price from Rossini to Apex Rossini?
And much more important: what exactly did they change :slight_smile: ?

For now this is all I could find. Whether it is just a price hike, or a real hardware upgrade, I do not yet know, but I guess we will soon find out.

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Erno, do you know exactly what “Apex” is and whether it can be retrofitted to existing Rossini/Vivaldi ?

As I said, I don’t have any more info at the moment. But I see just 3 previous models being “apexed”, the others seem just to have a higher price, and there is no longer a Bartók + headphones model in the list.

I see. I wonder if that is an error as I thought that given development of the related spatial processing and patent that is a major technical USP for dCS?

It would have been helpful to dCS owners to have information from the company at the same time as the announced price increase.

I wonder if further software improvement will now only be offered to Rossini Apex machines?

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I agree, the “publication” of these price (and potentially specification) changes seems to be being handled very badly by DCS. It’s not as if no one is going to notice the price increases so I’d have thought they’d be better off getting “ahead of the story” rather than it tricking out as it seems to be doing. It’s not doing them any favours with what has so far been a very loyal customer base.

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The price list given at the top has been published by the Dutch importer/ distributor of dCS in The Netherlands and Belgium, and are confirmed by a local dealer. It seems that dCS themselves have not put an embargo on publication, or that the distributor lifted it.

That would only happen if the Mosaic platform was changed and became exclusive to “Apex” versions. That is not only unlikely to happen I am confident that it won’t happen. The point at which concern may be raised is when the complete current range is discontinued and something completely new comes along. I would still hope that they would continue to support the existing product base though. On the other hand if their new business plan is to serve only the ultra wealthy end of the market then who knows ?

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The pricelist of the Dutch/ Belgian distributor just has been removed :

It says new prices are coming per 1 February.

I’m pretty excited to find out what Apex means! In the best case it will be a meaningful upgrade in performance that can hopefully be retriofitted to for existing owners. In the worst case it’s just a redesign necessitated by parts shortages with a minor/negligible performance upgrade.

The price increases do seem a bit excessive either way, especially for the other components that don’t appear to get the Apex treatment. Maybe they need to recoup the development costs of the Apex upgrades across the whole lineup. On the other hand it could just be intended to maintain a certain market positioning versus competitors or ‘priming’ the market for a much more expensive Vivaldi replacement. Hope this isn’t the case :frowning:


Yes that makes sense. However given both new versions of the exiting lines and the stonking price increases I would have expected ( or still expect) some kind of announcement from David Steven.

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When I was a young lawyer the senior partner in my first firm said his rule was always to keep the client advised and never let a client be “in the dark”. It always struck me as sensible advice.


I asked the importer Ernos found if they knew anything about “Apex”. They are in the dark too. Here is their reply:

Unfortunately we can’t say anything about that yet because we don’t have any information.

Like all manufacturers, dCS has only announced price increases to us.


As a matter of policy dCS do not talk about upgrades until they become available. According to the new price list this becomes active on Tuesday 1st. Which is when I would therefore expect to hear something about Apex.

I should have bought Rossini when I bought my Bartók. :grimacing:


My dealer told me that the analog board in the rossini has been upgraded, and also some other components, rossini can be upgraded to apex for the difference in price


Have to say these price hikes are not “comfortable” any more.


The difference in price so far was an upgrade from Rossini to Vivaldi.