dCS America - are you kidding me?

Well - if it was not enough reading the threads on pricing, Apex, and the lack of information, I have now come across this:

I hate to be the messenger however as a US based Rossini customer this seems like another case of bad communication from the parent company. This is the first that I, and other American dCS friends, are hearing about this rather consequential news.

John Quick and Jesse Luna were nothing but exemplary in helping me with my dCS journey. I am sad to see them no longer with the company. A little bit miffed as well at the lack of transparency on the part of dCS.

PS - I am sorry to say however I can see this thread being pulled.


That is sad. I communicated with Jesse when I was in the process of purchasing my Rossini. He was very helpful with great information and introduced me to my dealer.

So you cite one person on another forum as reference? And if true, does anyone really believe that dCS will let their US customers down in terms of service? Just does not compute.

Sigh, til about last week or so these forums have been a rare instance of calm and constructive online place. Now it’s like a bunch of Woody Allens frantically pacing around all neurotic about the next thing from dCS, arms flailing and pulling hair.

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Actually, if you read the whole exchange on the other forum, it does show some formal notifications from DCS regarding the change in distribution arrangements for the USA. So it did morph from speculation into confirmation.

I assume you are referring to me, the initiator of this thread? If so perhaps you may want to read the “one person on another forum” thread before posting your rant. FYI, if you were to read the thread, you would see it is 8 pages long with a significant number of participants. Perhaps you would even see the official dCS letter from DS announcing the termination of John and Jesse back in mid December.

Now back to “arms flailing and pulling hair”.

Rant? Far from it. It does not matter to me one bit whom they fire or hire. My relationship is with my dealer, and it’s his job to sort it all out. That’s what you get at this level. At least, I do. I don’t obsess over details.

No one is obsessing over details. Many of us in the States have had direct dealings with John (and Jesse) as he has represented dCS for 18 years. A wholesale change in the distribution, sales, and more importantly after sales support, is something rather significant. The lack of a public announcement to your customers to ensure ongoing support is discomforting.


Thanks for the link to WBF. I have read the entire thread. There are some gems of info hidden there!

I agree. John Quick was stellar and dCS runs a big risk of alienating customers. Many dCS customers are able to drop their products in an instant and go elsewhere, like MSB. I myself am considering this actually. I am actually pretty p!ssed by this.


I still don’t get it, but maybe because I’m not the attachment type of a person. Frankly, I just don’t care. I bought the product for its audio properties, not the people baggage.


I’ve also had very pleasant and productive dealings with both, but I do believe that dCS has to make their own decisions about how they conduct business. And neither John nor Jesse is the reason I acquired dCS product; they were a benefit, not a cause. I will judge dCS by their end product and service. My dealer is a big part of that. If one has been in nigh-end audio for a while (for me, since 1975), then one sees faces and names change. Happens in all lines of endeavor.

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How are you, Greg? Your reply worries me.

All good guys. No dark meaning implied. Solely a comment about audio.


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