darTZel 8550-mk2 Golden Ear

Hi all,

I said that this is the best integrated amp I ever heard even compare with higher price and also much more expensive pre+mono blocks, at least with my Alexia 2 and Nordost cables.

Just an advice, the burn in process takes much more time than the manual says, I notice a big jump after ~500/600 hours.
I really recommend the audition.

The musicality will blow your mind, it’s kinda, sometimes I’m just scrolling musics but I ended listen to the end and also there’s time that “just one more song and I’ll to bed”, but I keep listening for some time because the way it puts music is very special. This just grabs you to the music.


Add to that the low $40k price point

This made me chuckle.

Me too. It’s low if…you’ve been looking at the monoblocks.

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what’s your reference point? did you hear other amps before? thanks!!

@August for the performance, its a bargain

@T38.45 Yes i did.

I try both integrated from dan Agostino but the Momentum was not this new XV, I also try the Dan Agostino Pre + power progression (stereo because space), Constalation Audio Pre Virgo and power stereo centaur.

At the end i prefer the sound of the darTZel 8550 mk2, i felt the grip on the bass from the Momentum integrated but after 1 minute its was gone hat feeling. At the time i choose the amp it have ~200/250hours of braking in but i felt a big improvement on performance around ~500/660hours, i even call to my dealer give him the feedback. One of the areas i felt diference was on the Bass and the sound was overall more polite, clean, amazing!

Later (Nov 2023) i did the grounding and up-grade the switch and Ethernet cable, i have to say the the increase in SQ wen install the QKore 6 was astonishing! More of everything except noise and the bass get another level, i have no doubth that this was the best up-grade i did for the money. I strongly recommend.

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Thanks Lima!
Btw: I see you’re running a Metronome- did you compare the AQWO system in your setup as well? Some praise their sound signature…

@T38.45 No i did not, my Metronome is only a CD transport, it sounds amazing but now with this quality of sound and easy to use the streaming is the format i most use.
But before i had an Meridian that was very good, wen i went for the Metronome it was like wen i change my 2015 BMW m3 for a Porsche 911 turbo S, they are both good, but lets not even compare :rofl:

Take care

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