Dac output voltage

Hello, I am using the Vivaldi DAC. I have just swapped my pass labs preamp for an Audio Research ref6.

I find that using the 2v output I have to keep the preamp at half the unity gain, and I wanted to keep the preamp closer to its unity gain.

I understand that lowering the output to 0.6v, I will have an attenuation equivalent to aprox 10db, which would be sufficient.

I wanted to know your experience in using this 0.6v setting and confirm that I will suffer no sound quality penalty, and that the SNR is maintained in this setting.

The 0.6v setting is primarily in place for use with Airplay. I don’t know of anyone using it for normal listening.

You have too much gain in your system for what you’re trying to accomplish using any normal settings so you need a volume control somewhere. You can either use the VC in the REF6 as intended (being close to unity gain isn’t really critical since the VC isn’t adjusting gain, it’s just attenuating the signal) or you can set the REF6 to unity (or theater bypass) and use the VC on the Vivaldi.

I run without a preamp so I obviously use the VC in the Vivaldi. I have zero complaints with this setup and have no desire to add a preamp.

I see. I just wanted to take the signal attenuator out of the way. I will experiment with the Dac’s VC