Current Debussy owners

I would like to hear from current Debussy owner on how Debussy competes with new age DACs such as Chord Dave, TotalDAC, Yggdrasil, MSB and Bricasti M1.

Essentially, what I like to find out if it is still worth spending on a used Debussy today?

In general the Debussy / Puccini / Paganini range stands pretty good against the new age DAC’s, when it comes to scale and dynamics in my perspective, but when it comes to other aspects like inner detail / fine micro detail / separation / air , then the Chord DAVE , Shiit , Bricasti is superior.

Total DAC i find very good, and is the most exact of the listed DAC’s above with great solid mids.

MSB lower end range i find good all around but do miss out in the bottom end and is not as refined in the top as Bricasti and DAVE or the Total DAC

So if you find a used Debussy for a decent price, then it can be an idea.

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Try to find a used dCS network bridge and it will be as close to being up to date. I traded in my Debussy for a Bartók to purposely reduce the component count, otherwise the dCS NB would be the perfect solution.

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It depends upon what you want to spend. Your list of comparisons ranges from DACs costing from $1,500 to potentially over $32,000. Not a realistic list of comparators IMO.

It seems clear from your post that you are not in the market for a $32,000 DAC and are looking at a used Debussy. Is a used Debussy a good buy? Yes, subject to price.

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Bricasti M1 is old dac also. Not better than Debussy, but different. I preferred Debussy + Bridge.
Now I changed my Debussy/NB combo by Bartok and also prefer dCS to Bricasti M12.

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