Classical music streaming-IDAGIO

IDAGIO is just for classical music and with flac 16/44.1 option and great classical music related search function, so this great function will not work within DCS Mosaic even if it is supported in future by DCS as native integration but it works via airplay. In case of native integration, DSC should think about integrating more sophisticated search function…

BTW, lookijg at the ipad app complexity, it should be easier to inbuild the DCS device handling within a idagio app than opposite…

I think Idagio integrated into either or both of Mosaic and Roon would be a good thing. Not sure who would have the incentive to integrate dCS device management into an Idagio app. But since Airplay supports Redbook quality playbook, it seems to me you’re most of the way toward what you want.

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Is Idagio compatible with Roon?

No Idagio integration with Roon. You can read about it, and the requests to integrate it, here: