Chromecast Support?

Any plans for Chromecast support? This would be great for BBC Sounds integration (for example)…

Unfortunately, Google’s hardware requirements for Chromecast are quite extensive regardless of whether you’re doing audio only or audio / video. These specs also change (increase) frequently. The hardware that we use currently doesn’t meet a few of the specs.

Some manufacturers with similar hardware have been able to integrate Chromecast, but they were grandfathered in before the specs got onerous and their integrations didn’t go smoothly. Rather than attempt to get an exception and have something that works most of the time, but is generally unstable, we elected not to pursue with our current streaming hardware.

Chromecast Audio toslink to spdif optical input would work?

Yes thanks, it would Andy. I’ll give that a try.

You may encounter stuttering with material better than 24/48kHz using Chromecast / Toslink. This is a long standing issue. There is a long thread on Roon Community Forum. Some people experience the issue, some don’t.
And beware: Chromecast is only gapless with Roon, not with Qobuz, Tidal or anything else.
Best of luck