CD transport options for Bartok

4 years would be an unusually short production run for a dCS product. I would guess that on dCS’ past record that suggests up to another 3-4 years before it is replaced. Vivaldi as flagship ( now 7-8 years old) will no doubt be the first to replaced. When that happens dCS’ manufacturing capacity will be skewed for some time towards serving the demand created which is one reason why it takes years for them to work through replacing all of the lines. They are not Sony or Matsushita. Another example: Debussy came out in 2011 and was replaced by Bartok as the entry level DAC in 2019, 8 years later.

One further thought. When it happens will the Rossini replacement feature a CD drive? Is there the market demand for one in today’s environment where streaming is king? IMO there is no guarantee that such a drive will be offered as part of a one box product.

If I was in your position I would go for that offer from your dealer unless you want a long wait.

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Thanks Peter. How would you rate the SQ improvement in terms of percentage of Rossini over Bartok both with Rossini clock?

To be honest I cannot answer your question. I have never heard Bartok and the last time that I heard Rossini was in Munich in 2017 where I was unable to give it much attention as I was mainly talking with dCS outside of the demonstration area. So I overheard it rather than heard it. I do remember my friend who was seated inside listening to it coming out of the room to meet me and saying “Wow, I have never heard the Doors like that before!”. The only time that I have been able to give Rossini my full attention was with my dealer in 2016 but that was a comparison with Vivaldi ( no need to guess the outcome).

All I can say with confidence is that dCS ensure that each step up their range of products results in a clearly audible gain in sound quality ( and musical involvement). They have to do this as they sell via bricks and mortar dealers and the improvement must be clearly demonstrable.


I have had an answer from Dominik Hofer of ProJect Technical support.

The short answer is that you won’t be able to use wordclock sync on a ProJect transport with a non ProJect device. The two transports are specifically designed to work only with the respective DAC Box or Pre Box.
The way they work is as follows:
The CD Box RS functions as a master and has a wordclock output that sends the clock to the DAC Box or the Pre Box
The CD Box RS2 functions as a slave and has a wordclock input (through its HDMI connector) and it receives the clock from the DAC Box or the Pre Box.

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Thanks Rudi. I can rule out Pro-Ject then. Interestingly my dCS dealer speculated the same on Pro-Ject and CEC, and asked me to keep using Arcam until I have budget for a dCS transport. I would not complain about that :slight_smile: :smile: