CD Ripper for Mac

Help with CD ripping software for Mac:

I have happily used XLD ripping software on my Mac for about 7 years. Haven’t had the occasion to rip a new CD into my Roon library for over a year. Just tried to open XLD and got a nasty message on the Mac indicating the developer needs to update the software, and opening it would damage the Mac. So I didn’t proceed.

Do any of you have any up-to-date, helpful info on this?

Conversely, if the XLD developer really isn’t supporting the software through compatibility updates anymore, what do folks here find to be a great ripping tool?

Thanks—greatly appreciate the help!

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I’ve used dBPoweramp for many years with no problems, just does the job. There’s a trial version and it supports Mac OSX


Yes, Gus is right. dbpoweramp is superb ( available in both Windows and mac versions). I particularly love the way it deals with metadata giving access ti a number of pre-existing solutions on other databases and allowing the user to edit as they wish. Further when bought as a bundle with PerfectTunes you also get cover art and can search for alternatives if you wish e.g when the cover art is of a 2023 version when you are ripping one from 1998.


Thanks Gus!

Pete, thanks to you as well, I will definitely give it a try!

thx for the tip i’m going to look into dBpoweramp. I’m on an M2 mac now so need to move away from xld.

also another useful programme is a metadata editor called Yate. Extremely powerful tool that can help clean up issues with CD.

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If you like XLD, there’s absolutely no reason for you to change ripping software.
If you’d like to change, as others have stated dbPowerAmp is excellent.

I use XLD as it’s free (although I have made a donation to the author in the website) and does everything I need from a good CD ripping software.

When you opened XLD this last time, you had a quite old version installed and MacOS gave you the standard scare message. Worry not, XLD wouldn’t have damaged your Mac, you’d probably only get the prompt to update it once you opened it.
XLD’s latest version is barely a month old and compatible with the latest MacOS and the new M processors. So, if you don’t want to risk opening your old version (just in case :wink: ) you can just download the latest version by scrolling down at the Website in and keep using it as you’ve done for the past 7 years.


I ripped all my cd with XLD some years ago, it worked perfectly well, I guess it is even better a number of new releases later.

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Me too.

It did the job well enough and would be interesting to see how it’s been improved since.