Cannot delete Posts

There seems to have been a change to the software and it is no longer possible to delete posts. I have tried for the two posts that I made today both of which I wanted to re-write. However the software has got rid of any “cancel” option. It will not save deletions of whole texts and is also now imposing some kind of grammatical rules if I try.

Please advise.

Hi Pete,

I’ve flagged this to James as he’s a more admin’y-able admin than I am… :slight_smile:

Hi Pete,

Apologies for the delay in picking this up, have been travelling for the past few weeks. I’m sorry to hear you’re having this issue.

Is this for posting as a response to an existing thread, or is it when you are creating a new thread entirely?
When you say “cancel”, do you mean you are trying to delete a draft, or delete a post which has already gone live?

I can’t see anything that has changed in the forum settings and it looks as though I can still delete posts myself, so any additional info you can provide for where this is going wrong will help me track down the issue.

Hi James. Unfortunately the time delay has caused me to lose my thread as it were. As I remember I certainly could not delete reply postings after they went “live”. However they only went “live” because I could not delete them :thinking:

So this is a kind of twisted logic reply as I am now going to try and delete it. So if you can’t read this all is OK :grinning:.

Ah, I see my error. “delete” as an option shows only oi “close” is selected. So all is well after all.

Thanks Pete, that’s good to know deleting posts hasn’t been disabled.

Appreciate you giving it a try - as I am a forum admin, I can delete pretty much anything so I didn’t want to assume what I am seeing is what you would see!