Can an 100K euros loom cables be an bargain?

It’s not going to be short but yes it can, its crazy but i’ll explain.

My system consist in an darTZeel 8550MKII, dCS Bartók Apex, CD transport Metronome T5 and Wilson Alexia 2 speakers. I also have the net switch from Nordost, dc transformer and QKore 6 also from Nordost. The power block is from Vibex.

I start in the end of 2023 upgrading the cables and i end the year with power cords Nordost Odin1 from the wall to the power block and then Valhalla 2 to the dac and amp. The XLR was also the Valhalla 2 and the speaker cables still the TYR2 but i had order the speaker cables Valhalla 2. After that my plans was to upgrade the dac to the Rossini or the Vivaldi with upsampler if i find a way to put it in my living room and the speakers to the new Alexia V.

When i came home with the Valhalla 2 speaker cables i was totally disappointed, the TYR2 sound better than the Valhalla 2. I call my dealer and he said it was impossible and he ask me to take the cables again to the Vidar one more week. When i was there he pick the Odin Gold speaker cables and invite me to bring it home and try.

I was not prepared to what i heard, the system went to a complete new level and i had to recalibrate my brain to what sound stage, deep, detail and speed means. I was completely blown away, the system seems that had an speaker in front of me and i can even seen the height of the singer. I now could hear not only the smallest detail but things i never heard before in the musics. The bass had a good improvement and at the same volume in the amp the music sound louder.

The SQ improvement i had was not only superior if i had upgraded the dac but higher if i had the dac and the speakers at once. I go even further to say that the system now sounds better that the one i heard of the presentation of the Alexx V with Nagra gear top of the range and Transparent cables. I never thought was possible my system sound so good.
I then bring the XLR also Odin 2 and then Odin Gold but the impact was not so big as the speaker cables. I even say that i could not fell the difference from the XLR Odin 2 to the Gold.

So, even that the speaker cable and XLR Odin Gold cost 102K€ here in my country is still less expensive than the Dac and speaker up-grade and with better SQ improvement. I know 100K euros for 2 cables is a lot of money, but why up-grade gear if we are not listening to the system at full best yet?
Well, 100K euros for 2 cables, yes i can digest that but knowing me i would like to upgrade then the power cables to the Odin Gold also, and here 1,25m cost 35K euros each, so, 100K euros more. damn…

I’ve been reading lot of good things about Synergetic Research and i did a call to the dealer to see if he accept the challenge to put a full loom of the top of the range SRX cables plus the power filter. A lot of money but i can change all the cables plus the power filter for the cost of the Speaker cable and XLR Odin Gold and if be at least at the same level, i would buy.

So he came to put the full loom of cables and power filter, he heard before with the existent cables so he can experience the sound. Out of the box the SRX sound amazing, he said he was impressed by the synergy of the gear with the cables and give congrats to the people that optimize the speakers position. So i let the cables with no bullets install and let the cables settle in the system and i wait 4 days. One detail, one of the power cables he brought was not the SRX, it was the Atmosphere 3, two levels down to the SRX but he said he would send the correct cable, it was a mistake.
After the 4 days what i heard was lots of detail and the level of bass was not even comparable, the SRX was a lot, lot better, it was like if i had installed an sub. The only thing it was missing was the soundstage and the feeling like having another speaker in the center of the room, was close but not at the same level, so a trade for the better bass.
But I tried the bullets starting with the Gold, it had a sound improvement but still the soundstage missing. Then i try the silver bullets and BOOM! There it was the soundstage like the Odin Gold, the same image, deep and big. But now i had more than a plus, i had much better bass being deep, fast and powerful with a lot of more air moving from the speakers even at lower volumes, this I didn’t had with the Nordost Gold. I also had considerable less noise exposing even greater detail and the sound was more composed. Some recordings like Adele that sometimes the mids can sound a little harsh i now didn’t feel that. Listen to some music with good bass like Massive Attack and the Dark Night from Hans Zimmer you can not only feel more amount of air moving but also different layers of bass. It was an easier for long listening, the Odin Gold was super detail in the highs that in long listenings sound a little too much in your face.
What I thought it couldn’t improve more, it did when the SRX power cable came to the dac and for quite a bite. I now had more of everything. Whatever the music i put it sounds like i never heard before and when zapping on Qobuz i now start listening to a song and Keep it playing to the end because sound so good, so right.
But things did not end there, after 9 days of the arriving the correct cable SRX to the dac, i did, don’t know why, a try to the gold bullets instead the silver and damn, now what was so good get more refine and in some way more involving, more pleasant to listen too. Here’s the point of no turning back, I will send back the Nordost Odin Gold and i keep the Synergetic Research SRX cables and power filter. It sound much better than the Nordost cable set i had and for a considerable amount, even if the Nordost Odin Gold were less expensive than the Synergetic SRX I would keep my choice, money aside, its the best sound for a considerable margin.

The SRX downside compared to the Nordost is that they are massive cables, when my wife saw she said “wow, what an amount of cables!!” It was the same number of cables but yes, she’s right, the are massive :sweat_smile:

So, to resume, has i said, 100K€ is an bargain :joy:

100K euros in cables sound a lot of money but they are a component like any other in the system and without them you wont listen the gear at their best. A bargain because changing the dac and speakers maintaining the cables i had i would not have better sound quality and i had to spend a lot more and now i have one of the best systems i listen to date. Also if i had go to the Gold i had to spend twice the money and I’m not sure that i would had such good sound. With this loom of cables i have now no compromise, i do have bass but also detail and soundstage. It have all the goods of the Odin Gold but with lower noise flor and much better bass. I’m not even think about the next step of upgrades because this is so damn good.
The Gold bullets at the end sound best in my system and to my taste but the Silver can suit better in others systems and acoustic of the room.

This is my personal experience but what i see is that now big brands put very big price on things and lot of times we are not having exactly what we pay and they do because they can, people still buy.
I even had send a message to Nordost saying exactly that they are pushing the bar to far in my opinion. Power cord Odin 1, 11.500 euros, Odin 2 22.500 euros and Odin Gold 35.000 euros! This is crazy and unjustified. The SRX perform to the level of the best of the best for less than half the price and so from with this experience I just can recommend to listen to them, i never heard my system like it sound now.


It’s one and a half bitcoins.

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Or 3 times the gross annual salary of the average British worker . No matter how much you like something, that isn’t a bargain.

That is the world we live in…some buy hyper expensive stereo, including myself, and some struggle to eat every day…So, these cables are may be a bargain for some people, for other their price is shocking…but the same with watches, shoes, boats, private jet, jewellery etc…

We cannot blame hifi enthousiastes for spending money, even in hyper expensive cables…but I do understand that some people have problem with that. Not on this forum, but non hifi lovers… .


It is when it completely transforms your system in a way that only a much more expensive purchase would.

To put it in automotive terms, a $150K Porsche may be a bargain if the only way to get better performance is a $300K Ferrari.

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I still wonder if an upgrade from Bartok to Rossini or Vivaldi should not have been the first move.

One could also say…100,000 Euro for cables…at that point why not 110,000 and upgrade at least to Rossini. What’s another 10 when already spending 100?
Just saying…

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It’s only 11 more NVIDIA shares.

I agree. The irony wasn’t directed at your comment.

My comment is a serious one and was not said in jest. Without commenting on the wisdom of the spend, imho, at this level an extra 10% to obtain an upgrade to Rossini (or Vivaldi) would be something I would do

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@PAR 3 billion people live with less than 2 dollars a day and 2.6 billion with an income equivalent to Mexico salary or lower, so, by your way of thinking every time i open an good bottle of wine (200 to 300 euros) is an insulte to humanity.

Everything mus be put in place and time, and when i say “bargain” its on this subject of high fidelity that obvious have is cost.

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@glevethan The dac will be the next step but the Rossini and not even the Vivaldi full stack give the improvement in SQ that i had. I now see that’s pointless to invest in new gear when I’m not listening to the best of my existent equipment.

But your right, i could invest in a new dac and i will, just did not do right now for two reasons, first is a diference retailer and second i wanna see if something like and Vivaldi with up-sampler all in one comes to the market. I don’t have space to put the dac plus the up-sampler, so if dCS comes with an Vivaldi all in one it would be perfect to me.

If not maybe an Vivaldi with the dCS bridge would be better, the sound difference from the Bartók Apex to the Rossini is not big, i feel the difference but its not a game changer, i can live with this not thinking in the Rossini. That’s one of the reasons because i never did an up-grade just another level, i always did at least two levels up unless some up-grade on the line comes.

I am not considering an upgrade to Vivaldi for this exact same reason.

A 2 box Vivaldi - DAC/streamer/upsampler + Clock
might get me thinking😆

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Same! 2 boxes would be perfect for me too. Way too many reasons to list. I hope DCS will address this in the next iteration. For now I’m stopping at Rossini due to space and cabling constraints.

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I found the difference between a non-Apex Bartok and non-Apex Rossini to be significant. I found the difference between a non-Apex Bartok, which I had, and Apex Rossini, which I now have, to be VERY significant.

I wish I had a chance to hear an Apex Bartok vs. non-Apex Rossini.

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@Lima , have you compared the SRX with a full loom of TA Opus cables? I have Opus and they sound like magic with dCS.

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There is absolutely no doubt that a Vivaldi stack with moderately priced cables is 100 times better than a Bartok even with a 1.000.000 $ set of cables.


Agreed and even better would be a Vivaldi with a good set of cables :wink:

It is, but my version is the Apex and it’s better, but not worth of 10K euros in my opinion. I had greater sound quality up-grade when i ground the system. Now to feel really diference i need to go to the Vivaldi.

I did they test and even if i went for the Vivaldi plus the new Alexia V i did not have better sound quality than i had with the cables. The up-grade in sound is like if i went 2 steps up on every gear. Its that profound the diference

Now that what i have sound better than i ever experience its time to think the Vivaldi but its not a priority. Honestly, never thought this could sound like this, never…