Calling Naim Fraim users

There seems to be a fairly large contingent of Naim owners using dCS products. My Rossini and Clock sit on separate Fraim shelves. I have read one or two posts stating the opinion that dCS boxes do not like glass shelves.

I recently dusted off some HRS Nimbus isolation pucks which my dealer supplied when I ordered the Rossini. They were to be used in case the Rossini would not fit on top of the Fraim glass. It in fact does and I have not used the Nimbus pucks until recently when I found them to make a significant improvement when situated underneath a Mjolnir Stax headphone amplifier.

The recent Stilpoint thread has indicated positive results obtained from various isolation pucks (IsoAcoustics, Stilpoint, etc.) underneath dCS equipment.

I am curious if anyone has experimented with the Fraim specifically:

  1. utilizing pucks between the Rossini and Fraim glass shelf
  2. removing the glass and using pucks between the Rossini and wood Fraim shelf (which is effectively like a FraimLite system) - two pucks in the front and one puck centered in the rear



Rossini and clock on Fraim here. Not sure I understand you comment. If you remove the glass shelves the rear feet of the dCS boxes have nothing to sit on (unless you manufacture something to suit). I use the glass shelves but have the Fraim rack mounted on Townshend corners so the stand is isolated from vibrations from the floor.

Ive got black ravioli pads which I could try but I’m not by nature a tweaker.

Actually I need to modify my post. Removing Fraim glass would mandate the use of isolation pucks - two pucks in the front and one puck centered in the rear


I had the isoacoustic feet under mine, removed them and sold them.
They need to be placed correctly due to weight and can be fiddly.
I did think that they did inpove the sound quality very slightly, over the naim glass, but got a very similar result just by placing a piece of bamboo on top of the glass, much cheaper and actually looked better than the isoacoustic feet, as i had these placed in a uniform way on both the clock and rossini.

Thanks Dunc.
I might remove the Fraim glass and try 3 HRS pucks directly on top of the Fraim wood shelf. I am experimenting with IsoAcoustics underneath a headphone amp and agree they might be fiddly underneath a much heavier Rossini


If i remember rightly the rossini is heavier at the rear and one side more than the other, this does mean getting the isoacoustic feet in right place very important, as its easy to underload and overload them and in both cases they just dont work.
As said i have found leavening the fraim as it should be, but with ikea bamboo chopping board placed on top to work very well, i have used the largest one they do, that has tapered sides as its the same width as the glass.
Only £15, sprayed them black, got one under my melco N10 as well.