Cables for rossini to naim

Hi all
I have a rossini and clock coming and being a naim user, i still have a 552 and 500 that i will continue to use.
So i will need some new cables as only have naim din ones to hand and with that i guess i am looking at either :-
Rca to rca.
Rca to din
Or can i use the balanced out put to din?

All this cable stuff is new to me as like i said i have been naim for 25years and would like to make the right decision first time round if i can.

Although I am no longer part of the Naim world I have a very long track record of using their equipment. Their equipment has a reputation of being very sensitive to the type of cable used , not only in being well known for earlier generations of their power amp to speaker connections where the inductance of the cable played a significant role but also in regard to interconnects. The supplied Naim SNAICs often being the optimum choice.

Although DIN connectors can support balanced connection, the Naim preamps are entirely single ended so there is no advantage in using balanced wiring. So RCA /RCA will be your simplest choice now that Naim preamps have (some) RCA input ports. As for the best cable brands and in relation to my comment above, I cannot recommend anything in particular. The wires that I like best may not be applicable to your particular needs. It will be, unfortunately, a suck it and see situation. However there is a long relationship between Naim and Chord Company wires so you might start looking at them first.

Cheers pete and the main question you have answered for me and balanced out to naim is a waste of time.
Will probably go RCA to din as that will leave a spare set of RCA connections that can come in handy

Fine but do not let anyone talk you to into buying an RCA/DIN adaptor. That is the worst of all worlds. You need to buy a custom made RCA/DIN cable. Make sure that the appropriate pin count at the DIN end is observed ( see the Naim Manual or preamp rear panel diagram - I assume that Naim still do this). NB: The size of the DIN plug housing will not allow the use of many good, but thick, cables.

Good point, well back to RCA to RCA then.
Thats even easier

There are some companys that make cables with DIN connectors and RCA. Right now I can think of Chord and Ansuz and they have in different price ranges.
If you search you will perhaps find more or just stick with Naim cables :slight_smile:

Hi Dunc
glevethan from the Nailm forum.
As I await the arrival of my Bartok I thought it prudent to create an account on this forum.

I have used of a Klimax DS with my 552 since 2011 and can echo what was said above. I will elaborate further that DIN input into the 552 is superior to RCA and do not use a RCA/DIN adapter. Have a RCA/DIN cable specifically made. I have had Chord Sarum (I was a “guinea pig” when they first were released),SuperSarum, and finally MUSIC. You cannot go wrong with Chord.

I have ordered a witchhat morgana RCA to din today to match my 500 to 552 cables.
Enjoy the Bartok as i was about to order a new one until i was lucky to find the rossini only 9 miles away