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I have recently upgraded my amplification (new Chord Electroncs Ultima 3 MonoBlocs and Pre 2 Preamp) to accept the new(ish) Rossini and clock as the primary source input but allowing an old home cinema input as a secondary source. Currently I use Transparent Super XLR interconnects and Speaker cables. My intention is to upgrade the interconnects (XLR) to Transparent Reference. That is between:
(1) Rossini to Preamp and
(2) Preamp to Power Amps.
as well as
(3) Reference speaker cables between power amps my Martin Logan 15A (Renaissance) hybrid active speakers.

The bulk of my funds are spent and I intend to upgrade cables via the second hand market (Transparent Reference probably MM2 vintage as they are now hitting the market place due to Transparent G6 being released).

The issue is do I go for Hi Z or Lo Z for (1), (2) and (3).
Transparent (they used to be a really helpful company) are just directing me to the importer (Absolute Sounds) but are saying help is only available on new cable orders.
I attach the specifications in the hope someone could assist technically.

HIFI Specs 23-1-22.pdf (183.5 KB)

Brian , I think this may be more complex than you currently appreciate.

I am not a user of Transparent cables but it seems clear from their web pages that the upper ranges are custom built ( i.e. the component selection or calibration of what is in that box on the cable) to suit the actual combination of equipment in use. Hence they ask customers to specify this as part of the order. This also may explain their reticence in dealing with your question and the circumstances where they are prepared to offer help.

So in theory it is feasible that buying used may not meet your expectations unless the vendor has the same equipment as you.

If you do want to continue with this idea then the Transparent web pages provide an outline answer to the High Z v. Low Z question. The choice relates to the output impedance ( output Z) of the components.

So Rossini out XLR is low Z. Chord preamp out is low/moderate Z as such things go @ 100ohms, so count as low Z given the 100Kohm input of the power amp IMO. Power amp output has a very low impedance of 0.04 ohms.

With other cables not featuring that network box I would say that there wouldn’t be a question in any case. However I don’t know what’s in the box (which makes me think of Michael Miles and “Take Your Pick” if you are old enough to remember).

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Thank you Pete and I’m sure you are correct in terms of support as traditionally Transparent have always been so so helpful. Another factor, of course, is buying two generations old cable with unknown provenance. But as you say in referring to Michael Miles, who indeed I do remember what’s in the box? some say “just a resister and capacitor” which somehow can be tuned. According to a Van Damn article I read; the European market concentrates on copper purity whereas in USA market it is all in the tuning. But I’ve always had Transparent even with “Chord LTD’ just five miles down the road. You have totally answered my question which I do appreciate.