Buying a used Bartok - Are there different versions?

I’m looking at buying a used Bartok. Can’t afford a new one (and not sure I can afford used!). Should I be on the lookout for different versions of the unit? Are there older iterations with less functionality/upgradeability? Or will any unit named DCS Bartok be similar to any others. Thanks for your help.

Hello Arthur
I’m new to this forum & looking to buy a DAC/player for headphone use. I’m not an expert but from what I’ve read a new Bartok should be the same as old once it’s been updated with the latest software (new V2.0 update to be released 31 May) so it’s a question of whether you want black or silver, with or without headphone amp making sure you have the correct voltage for your country as this is factory set. If you are looking for a DAC/Player/Streamer for headphone use dCS are launching a completely new product line today in 1hr 42m & 20s :). This may be less money than the Bartok so an option for you if you are headphone oriented. Hope that helps.

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Welcome guys to the dCS community.

Mark’s reply is spot-on!

The only difference in versions is does it have the built-in headphone amp or not.

Thank you!

I suppose you live in UK, and I don’t know how easy it is to find secondhand Bartoks over there… What I can tell you is that it is very difficult to find one in Europe. I tried twice, and I always found myself in the middle of astute scams which have improved my natural cautiouness when trying to buy over the Internet… Nethertheless you may know a DCS dealer well connected with their former clients who is prone to help you with this quest, and if so, how lucky you are! As to me, I resolved to break my life insurance plan in order to have a new Bartok, and since thenI have not regretted once :slight_smile: And no, I will not sell it up until I win on the lottery to have the Rossini or the Vivaldi :slight_smile:
Hope you find one though!

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