Bubble upnp vs. Mosaic

I’m using the Bubble app with Bartok, instead of Mosaic app ,and when one song is attached to the other, you hear the pause of 1 or 2 seconds …(with Mosaic it doesn’t happen), do you know why?

dCS equipment does not support Bubble UPnP and there is no gapless replay if you use it. Please read:

thanks for the reply, but Bubble works well with minimserver and compared to Mosaic and shows a nicer layout with bigger covers etc etc.
even the sound does not change, unfortunately it has this drawback

You have,no doubt, discovered that if you tap the thumbnail album cover image in the play bar at the screen bottom this opens a full screen view with the cover occupying around 2/3rds of the entire screen (in portrait view) ? Still if you are happy to live without gapless replay then you are free to make that choice.