"Brumfällan" (The Hum Trap)

…is the name of an absolutely fantastic book that I was given today by Strutslet #2.

I am so excited! A new book about audio!! I can’t wait to read it!!!

From the author (wife of one of the dealers here in Sweden):

Siblings! As of today this important literary milestone is only available in Swedish. Please lobby for it to be translated into your language. Start an online petition Write to your MP/congressman. You know the world needs this enlightenment!


I love that they’ve used Scandinavian examples in the rack. (And the rack itself.)

Looking forward to having a read :slight_smile:

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Thank you for letting your community know about Brumfällan.
As far as we know it is the only children’s book about the important subject of HiFi.
It is a real HiFi problem, with a real solution and a 4 and a 6 years old kid doing their best in between.

The book is actually available in German (Die Brumtrolle) and in English (The Buzz Trolls).
We are shipping worldwide out of Sweden.

Andreas Svalander - Author


Fantastic news! I stand corrected. :heart:

I wonder if Lollo is going to end up installing an Altaira? Doesn’t look like Daddy has a darTZeel preamp so the dual mono problem goes away…

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