BNC cables for Rossini Clock

Hi there, I am a new user of Rossini Player and Rossini Clock… now using Canare BNC cables

May I seek for advice for BNC cable upgrade? I have audited Valhalla 2 and Viard Platinum BNC which are very nice- I like the sound of French Viard and heard many dCS users (esp Japan) are using Viard to compliment their dCS

Thanks a lot for your comments in advance.

In general I have not found many cables that are not specifically made for wordclock duties to perform well in this role. BTW Canare are interesting in that they make a true 75 ohm connector ( others are correctly specified as 50/75 ohm). However a connector alone does not make a great cable :wink:.

I am not going to talk about specific brands as if you look through the archives here you will find many recommendations but I am pretty sure that nobody has had an opportunity to compare all of them with one another.


The best BNC cables I have used with my Rossini/Clock are the Kubla-Sosna Elation Digital Cables. They are a true 75 ohm cable. Expensive but worth it.

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I was using Cardas Clear digital cables for the clock connection but recently replaced them with a pair of AudioQuest WEL Signature, all terminated with BNCs.

I was truly amazed by the audible improvement, from a deeper and more defined soundstage to more detail that was never fatiguing.

It was pricy but to me worth every penny.

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bought Oyaide 75 Ohm- worth it!!!

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