Bliss has been reached

Finally i have reached my end game.
Its taken many decades to get to this point but i can certainly say my digital end game is here.

It’s a fantastic sounding set up that just makes me smile ever time i listen to it, i know it’s a lot off money but that doesn’t mean it sounds good.

But the vivaldi 3 piece stack is simply stunning nothing else to say really apart from thanks to dcs for making such a wonderful thing.

What with my lovely turntable as well, i can’t really ask for much more, well apart from a better room maybe to use it all in, well that hopefully will happen next time we move, as i will certainly get it sound treated to further inpove it.
But for now i think i might just be able to put up with the sound it makes. Lol.


Exactly. Not because I have the same of course ( including Melco). No bias here :smile:.


So let‘s hope dCS will not lauch a new Vivaldi soon :wink:


If they do great, it’s not suddenly going to make my vivaldi sound any different or should i say sound worse is it.
I am more than happy with it, as i should be.
Maybe we might get a new software update? That would be nice obviously as i would think dcs would like to move the goal posts on the bartock/rossini as they share the same 2.0 software, so maybe a new one for the vivaldi, and the rossini gets the old vivaldi 2.1 ???

But whatever happens next, i can’t see me spending anymore on this, as it’s already more than i wanted to go, and certainly couldn’t justify spending any more.

Cheers dunc


To clarify - is it Apex or not? If not that would certainly be worth doing. I’ve been grinning since last November.

My dac is apex’ed

Congrats! :grinning:

I hope to get there one day too!

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Well doing it in 3 stages like i did certainly helps spread the cost involved plus you get 3 big shots off upgrades compared to one.
So enjoy the ride


There will definitely be a successor to the Vivaldi because (a) at this point it is the only high end DAC on the market that does not support DSD256; and (b) as a business, dCS by definition needs to continue to innovate and sell more product.

However, I completely respect where @Dunc is coming from here and his responses. One definition of hell is to be never satisfied. It’s important to not fall into that trap. We should all enjoy the incredible “toys” we have! : )


Congrats on such an incredible system!

I have a question. Can you tell me whether upsampling with the Vivaldi Upsampler has a justifiable advantage over software upsampling such as the one provided by Roon? Can the Vivaldi Upsampler also further improve something like a Qobuz 24/196 file when upsampling to DSD128?

So essentially, Network Bridge + Roon upsampling vs Vivaldi Upsampler. Really appreciate any help.

Hi and welcome to the forum! :smile:

From a technical perspective, the differences between different points carrying out the upsampling function comes down to how well they can carry out the interpolation filters needed to increase the sample rate. Take with as large a pinch of salt as you like, but we’ve got some damn good filtering in our products.

Yes, it can. Looking at upsampling to DSD, the method of modulating the PCM signal to DSD also comes into plat and again, being part of the original working group for DSD, we know a thing or two about it and I would wager we can perform it at least as well as well as any other solution on the market. There is then also the DSD filter to remove the out of band noise that DSD generates (nosie above 20kHz), and again, you will hear audible differences between different fitlers - so between what Roon use and what dCS use.

The above doesn’t apply to the Network Bridge, as that product doesn’t carry out any Upsampling - the output rate is at maximum the same as the input rate.

Another complexity to throw in would be that if you are using a dCS DAC, it will oversample (essentially the same process as upsampling but it is called oversampling when it is inside the DAC) to higher sample rates anyway, so even with the Network Bridge, you may find you prefer the sound through a dCS DAC with no Roon upsampling enabled.

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There will always be a new item to tempt you just arround the corner.
I guess dCS could have with the apex just bought out a new range, they may offer a new board upgrade for DSD256 or whatever, but as been talked about already not much being recorded in 256 at the moment.
But i am sure dCS is working on new stuff all the time, and a new replacement will arrive at some point. But as said i am more than happy with what i have now, and for me a better room would be the most beneficial option now going forward.
But never say never, as i didn’t think i would go for the 3 piece vivaldi a few years ago, as very happy with my rossini and clock, plus didn’t have the rack space with all my naim gear/power supplies. But that’s all gone now, and didn’t think that would have happened.
Cheers dunc


I see James has already answered, and a much better response from him than i could have given. As i tried roon twice, and both times didn’t like the way it sounded over the upsampler so never bothered since with it.

A little update.

The clock has certainly inpoved my enjoyment off my stack. The way that a clock just work’s it’s way into your music is certainly strange, it just impacts it all but in a slow way, creeps up on you as you could say.
But the imagery, pin point separation is just magical. I think for myself it has taken a few weeks to fully come round to it, or should i say, it’s taken a few weeks for my brain to catch up.
But switching it off is certainly a no go now.
I also now have 4 matching clock cables as i didn’t before.



So good, Dunc. Congratulations :blush:

Very happy you liked the Clock, too. Helps me in the no-Ben-you’re-not-crazy stakes…


I have always found adding a clock something my brain has struggled with. As it doesn’t really hit me straight away like the vivaldi dac did, etc.
But as i said after a while i couldn’t really be with out it now.

I also just love the front plate off them, and having 3 certainly looks lovely, shame the melco is so boring in comparison.

It could be a whole lot worse…I needed a whole cabinet to hide the SRS Perf10 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: