Best site to sell on?

Uk based, obviously have ebay but would rather not. But looking at selling my rossini player and clock.
Just want to be as careful as you can obviously selling such.

Based on my experience with US version, I would recommend

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I agree, the sister sites Canuck and USAudiomart are wonderful resources.

Your concern appears to be the safety of the transaction. However any recommendation of a medium for a private sale cannot give any assurance in this area, only whether or not the website or magazine is likely to produce contacts. How reliable they may be can only be guessed at.

Our UK market is a difficult one where used costly and exotic audio components are concerned. Bluntly too many people live an a dream world where they are sure that you will sell them the Rossini for 500 quid ( bloke down the pub told me that he got one for that :lying_face:). Further many may contact you for a free evening’s entertainment " there’s some bloke with a dCS DAC for sale, let’s go round and listen"; what Ken Kessler refers to as tyre kickers. Expensive used audio is also catnip to fake foreign “buyers” who want to set up a scam.

If you are selling your Rossini to fund some other gear then I would suggest that if you are dealing with an accredited dealer for the new kit you accept the px offered( subject to reasonability of course). Yes the amount offered will be less than what a private sale may bring ( a dealer has to pay VAT on any subsequent sale on) but is at least likely to be safe. However if the sale is to raise cash then, given the scams I am aware of, I can only wish you good luck.

Looking at upgrading and have the opportunity to buy privately, so no trade in.
I do have the rossini booked in for the apex upgrade and may still go down this route

My take is eBay is good at getting the ad out to a wide audience, but I wouldn’t count on their protection. It’s there to protect the buyer and I’ve even had an incident where the buyer changed his mind after dropping (and damaging) the item, costing me £100’s in shipping and shipping insurance costs, leaving (unbeknown to me at the time) with only a damaged unit to show for the exercise.

On high-value items, I’d be even more cautious than selling a car. Ideally I’d arrange a part-ex with the dealer, otherwise make use of the likes of Audiogon etc and make sure you’re paid in such a way that you can be certain you’ve been paid and not been paid from a stolen bank account.

I know some people will accept Paypal friends for payment, which I believe prevents them from (so easily) clawing back the money later. But I’d make sure they are who they say they are and the Paypal account matches.

Jeremy, Ian etc:

The OP is in the UK. So Audiogon is impractical. We do not enjoy the same media as in the US and ours is also limited as the market is so small relying on lower value goods. This can make sales of used equipment less straightforward especially where costly goods are involved.

Yes there are some classic PayPal scams like claiming to PayPal that the goods as supplied are different to advertised or are damaged tin order o get PayPal to require the vendor to pay back. Even bank transfers can be suspect e.g. where made against an empty account with the transfer carried out only for the bank to require a chargeback three weeks later. when they review the case. That is why I recommend part exchange via a reputable dealer if this is available ( not in this case apparently). Cash and local sale otherwise.

Well a little up date, i will soon have a vivaldi dac to try.
This will be the decision maker to see if the rossini stays and gets the apex upgrade or goes.

Dealer part exchange is likely to be the most secure way of parting with your gear. If that is not possible/desirable, then one might consider some of the UK hifi web forums with active classified sections for members - Pinkfishmedia, hifiwigwam, artofsound, Roon forum etc.

I personally find eBay useful having recently advertised and sold my Bartok on the platform without much hassle. I insisted on collection only, payment by direct bank transfer only and no returns. Luckily, the second person that turned up bought it.

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Well a very nice vivaldi dac has turned up, so this is going to be interesting.
Rossini player and Rossini Clock V vivaldi apex and Rossini Clock.
Going to have to change over to USB and use my melco N10 to stream qobuz and also play my ripped and downloaded music.
Interesting night ahead

Why? Melcos have a network output too and Mosaic with Rossini or Vivaldi streams both your local files and Qobuz. Works superbly.

But a Vivaldi DAC does not have a network input.

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Aha! …:slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks for the reminder. Ofcourse you slso need a Vivaldi upsampler to use Mosaic with Vivaldi DAC too.

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As above, i only have the dac, so need to use my melco to stream and usb.

Will be interesting to see or should i say hear the differences

Duncan Hi

I might actually be interested in yr Rossini Clock. You will see from my site contributions that I had a Bartok (problematical) and now Rossini DAC (non-Apex). I currently use an older Verona Clock (! yes, even a golden oldy external clock noticeably improves sonics!). A Rossini clock in decent condition and at a sane price would therefore be of interest. How can I best assure you, though, that I am not a shady mass murderer?!



PS is it silver?

Hi jon

Not sure what direction i am going yet, keep the rossini player and clock and get it apex’ed, or sell the player and clock and go vivaldi or go vivaldi and keep my clock for now?

But i have been given a fair price if i want to trade it from a dealer, the clock was £5000 trade in price against the vivaldi, just so you know. It is silver by the way.

Duncan Hi

Many thanks! That seems around par for the course.

Yes, decisions, decisions…

I know the feeling.



Will find out for certain over the next few days once i get all the info from the dealer. Then i will decide and let you know.
Cheers dunc

Dunc Hi

Many thanks for this, but I’m afraid fate has stepped in…

My Goldmund Mimesis 9 power amp, just back from a major rebuild, has started blowing fuses – again; this was the original problem it went in for six months ago. That means, regretfully, that I have no system at all now, with no way of listening on anything except headphones. Bummer.

We suspect some sort of hf interaction/instability with My Martin Logan CLS IIz electrostatic speakers, but it’s anyone’s guess at the moment until we do some more tests.

But this also means that the previously earmarked funds for a clock may well have to be spent sorting all this out. So, I’m afraid I have to take a rain check for the moment. Sorry.

If we can sort it out quickly, then I would still be interested but, obviously I can’t ask you to hold off selling you clock. You gotta do what you gotta do…

Best regards