Best settings for Roon and Network Bridge for an Audio Note Dac 2 Signature

Hi all,
I’d like to understand the best settings for using my Network Bridge and Roon via my Audio Note Dac 2 Signature. I seem to occasionally have loud hiss/static/switching? noise that comes through. It mostly occurs when switching sample formats, although occasionally occurs mid song, and also sometimes when switching on a light or the extraction hood in the kitchen. Although this light/extraction hood problem did not occur in my last apartment, the noise STILL happened when switching formats and again, sometimes even mid song. I understand some of this problem in my new home (especially the electrical), might be investigated with a dedicated line. Alas, I’m wondering what I can do in the meanwhile. As mentioned the same noise happened in my old apartment, so I’m assuming it’s not just an electrical issue. I’m figuring that as it’s an old Dac, and something during the changing of album/format might not be helping? The same used to happen to me when I was using my Oppo 203 as an endpoint to the Audio Note Dac. However, I don’t understand why it happens mid song. Are there any settings in Roon that I should attempt that may help? I love my Dac and would highly prefer not to give it up. I’ve given it a lot of love over the years. Upgrading to all silver AN transformers and silver AN resistors etc. I bought the DcS to give it some Roon wings!
Audio System (if that helps?) is:
Audio Note OTO Signature Phono
Audio Note Dac 2 Signature
DCS Network Bridge
Audio Note ANE Spe HE speakers
Audio Note Pallas spdif
Audio Note SPE biwire speaker cables
Audio Note Sogon interconnects
Audio Note Isis power cables
Telos Audio QNR (Quantum Noise Reducer)
Tells Audio GNR (Ground Noise Reducer)
Acoustic Revive RTP6
Networking system is:
(In a cupboard)
Asus AC68U modem/router
2012 Mac Mini i7 with 500tb SSD for Roon Core & Clones Audio LPSU
Synology DS216 Play
Netgear FS108 switch
(In the living room)
D Link DGS108 switch
Wireworld Starlight Ethernet Cables used in all places
Any thoughts or ideas on how I might solve this, or if it’s simply not possible with the Dac I have, would be highly appreciated!

Given the AN DAC 2’s maximum resolution the Network Bridge should have S/Pdif downsampling set to 96kHz and DSD downsampling to ON. I don’t think that the DAC 2 has AES connectivity but just to comply with the user manual instructions set AES downsampling to 96kHz and Dual AES to 352.8kHz.

As the downsampling occurs in Network Bridge I would not expect any need for special settings in Roon although I am no expert on it and others may want to contribute.

The AN DAC2 signature is limited to 18/96. So when receiving 24bit data the DAC 2 truncates the signal to 18bit. Not a great solution but there is nothing that you can do about it if you want to keep this DAC.

I think, however, that if the downsampling is correctly set there is another distinct issue concerning you system’s sensitivity to EMI interference. This could be difficult to chase down and if you had other components that could be swapped in and out one at a time this might help diagnose the cause. Otherwise you could try using a mains conditioner or regenerator to see if this cures the problem. I note your Telos and Acoustic rRevive treatments but can only conclude that they are ineffective in respect of your issue. A dedicated circuit for your audio system would be worthwhile even aside from the issue under discussion.

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Thanks Pete,
I have those settings, although not the AES correct, so have set the AES settings as you have suggested. I’m truly thinking it might be the Dac that is having the trouble. However, I never have this problem occur when using it via a CD transport. I was thinking it might have been a clocking issue with the Dac going from one format to another. a
Alas as mentioned the short yet startling noise will sometimes occur mid playback of song.

These kind of issues are difficult to solve remotely and often need hands on experience.

I doubt that clocking would be an issue as it cannot be changed in the DAC AFAIK in any case so if it is the issue there isn’t anything that you can do. However in your case the clock will be derived from the incoming S/Pdif data.

Thinking back to the last century ( !) I do recall having a DAC that would inject a short burst of digital noise every so often and that resembles your issue. The solution was to change the digital interconnect, in that case between DAC and transport. The shielding of the interconnect seems was not to have been working as it should and I think that the cable/DAC was picking up switching from a neighbouring apartment ( fridge?). I presume that the CD transport uses another cable hence no problem.

So you could just try another cable - no guarantees though.