Best Roon Nucleus settings for the Network Bridge...and Bartok

I have searched our community for posts relating to Roon settings whilst using the Network Bridge, but can’t really find what I’m after.
Please could someone advice me, in order to get the best out of the Bridge (On loan from my dealer)…and also what they would be on the Bartok, (When it arrives). The correct settings in Roon?

Please see screenshots.

Many thanks

The Bartok you should connect via Ethernet, Roon will recognize it and auto configure it correctly.

For the Network Bridge, the settings will depend largely on what DAC you have the Network Bridge feeding, so we can’t tell you since we don’t know what your DAC is.

Thanks @cwichura…My DAC (To go once the Bartok arrives) is a Matrix Audio, X-Sabre Pro MQA.

Set PCM to max 384 (as supported by the NB, that DAC actually does 768). Set DSD to DoP. Set both decoder and renderer for MQA. Should also leave “MQA decoder” enabled in the Advanced section. Everything else should be left untouched.

Thanks :+1: Just to clarify, the above settings are referring to ‘Roon’ settings, not the DAC or the NB settings?

That is correct.

Thanks @cwichura…The only one I don’t see is ‘Set DSD to DoP’.

That might be because as a Roon Ready device (as opposed to using Roon Bridge on a Raspberry Pi), it has DoP mode hardcoded and the option is not shown.

Thanks for explaining that. :+1: