Best Digital Source Please?

If I want to take the best advantage of the amazing DAC module in my Rossini Apex, what’s the best arrangement or source for feeding a digital signal thru my Rossini…?

It is quite possible that you will get a different answer from just about anyone you ask. You can spend ~$30k on a Taiko server running Roon or its own software. There is Lumin, Innuous, Aurender, where you can run a Roon or their own software too. Some will get by with the Mosaic app or access music off their own servers. Some will say there should be no difference.

The fun is trying out different options and finding something that sounds great to you and at a price point you can live with.

Enjoy your RossiniApex.


Thank you for your thoughts…! I was reading the WhatHiFi review of the Rossini and they mentioned that it’s a better DAC than Streamer….

That is a huge question that could easily produce an answer too long for a format such as this.

There are three main sources; silver disc , UPnP streaming and subscribing to a streaming service. Obviously using silver disc also requires a disc transport and that alone needs further information such as media types required ( CD, DACD), budget etc. To take advantage of UPnP streaming then as well as buying downloads you probably also need to learn about how to make and store local digital files made from e.g. CD sources. If you want the best from streaming services you need to choose one that provides the best technical quality . This depends on availability which, in turn, depends what country you live in as not all serve everywhere.

What is the best? Everyone of us will have different needs, like different genres of music and may be served best by one or more of the above.

Each of the sources then produces questions concerning how best to use it and the optimum connectivity with your Rossini.

You can hopefully appreciate why I am leaving this merely as an introduction otherwise, for example, the subject of how to produce and store digital files alone can be lengthy as the answer needs to cover what equipment, software, backup security etc.

I think at first you may need to think about which way you want to go if possible to cut down the number of options then post a more focussed question. After all " what’s the best arrangement" is the question that lies behind all of the threads here and that keeps the forum going year after year.

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try an audiophile switch and stream:-)

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Thanks… Got one. Very noticeable results…!

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In my opinion based on my experience, try something from pro-world such as Dante or MADI for data transportation and use AES input on your Rossini. I can confidently tell you that AES provides best audible experience.