Benchmark ahb2 + hpa4

The Benchmark pre amp seems to be a popular choice on this forum. Can I ask if anyone uses the Benchmark power amp together with the pre amp and what do people think of it used with the Bartok.

Hi John,

I am a happy user of the HPA4, as a preamp and headamp, both with my previous Bartók, and now with my Rossini DAC.

I am not using the AHB2 as a power amp, because it depends very much on which speakers you are using, to see if the combination is what you like.

Can you tell us what speakers you have?

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Hi Ermos
Thank you for your reply. I am using Focal Diablo speeakers. My present set up is:
Bartok into HPA4 into David Berning ZH 230 into Focal Diablos.

On paper the AHB2 would make the Focal Diablos sing, but only your ears can tell how the beryllium tweeters behave with the AHB2. Some people really like the combo, others prefer a ‘warmer’ class A amp. Try before you buy, I would say.


The Ear just came up with an insightful review of the HPA4, which backs up my findings, and might be an interesting read to others:

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