Bartók's display does not refresh Airplay information properly

Using the latest versions

App Version: 1.1.3 (119)
Front Panel Version: 1.11
Control Board Version: 1.11
Network Board Version: 1.1.3 (506)

Problem description

When using Airplay (does not matter if from Macbook, iPhone or iPad - also using the latest OS) Bartók’s display is outdated. It does not show the video (Youtube) I am playing and if I was using Roon before that, it appears as if I was playing previously loaded song. I tried with buffer on and off, still the same issue. What is strange, is that the audio works perfectly, no issues there whatsoever. Audio is nicely in sync with the video (when buffer turned off), it just does not update display properly.

Ask for support

Have you received a report like this before? Are you aware of this issue? What would be the troubleshooting path, can I send you logs while I reproduce this issue? Pictures, videos, whatever helps, just let me know.


@Andrew how can I get support to have a look at this? Is the information in this thread not sufficient enough? Should I record a video demonstrating the issue? Thank you for having a look.