Bartók with Headphone Amplifier : which headphones and cable are you using?

I am very happy with my Bartók since last February, as well as a DAC, a streamer and a headphone amplifier. So much so, that I added the Rossini Clock.

I have the Focal Utopia headphones, and started to use them with the stock single ended cable.

Recently I switched to a balanced cable to connect the Utopia to Bartók, and was very pleasantly surprised by the big leap in SQ. The output volume raised by 5 - 10 dB, so I had to correct that, but the overall dynamics, transients, and 3D sound stage improved a lot. I upgraded the Utopia stock cable with the Crystal Cable Portable Dream Duet, a custom made cable from Holland. Crystal Cable is a sister company of the well-known Siltech. Terminated with a Neutrik 4-pin male XLR to the Bartók, and Lemo’s to the Utopia. This excellent cable is very thin, consists of monocrystal silver wires, and does not have the heavy weight of the stock cable on the Utopia. Actually it seems to have no weight at all. Only impact.

So I am very curious to hear from other Bartók with HA owners what headphones and cable they are using, and how they like the combination.

And in case you did not read it yet: the most comprehensive review of the Bartók with Headphone Amplifier is here:

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I don’t own a Bartok (but ordered a Rossini + Clock) but a few years ago I upgraded the Standard cable of my Sennheiser HD800 with a Stefan Audioart Endorphin cable (= more ‘solid’ sound and bass).

It seems they also have dedicated cable for your headphone (and there is a special action :slight_smile: :



Hi Renaat,

Thank you for your reply. I am sure you will be very happy with your Rossini + Clock.

If there would be a Rossini with headphone amp I would buy it. But the Bartók + Rosssini Clock comes as close as it gets.

I have owned the Sennheiser HD800 S, and then switched to the Focal Utopia headphones. A huge improvement, I can say. I just got my new Crystal Cable for it, so I am not yet in the market for another one, but thanks for your recommendation. The Crystal Cable Portable Dream Duet however is in a more high-end category.

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