Bartok with Bakoon AMP 13r and Susvara

Hi folks, Just ordered a regular Bartok (without the headphone amp) to pair with a Bakoon Amp13-r and Susvara. Anyone has a similar setup? Would love to hear what settings on the Bartok would work best. I am going to use Roon to stream straight into Bartok via the Ethernet input.

Congrats and welcome! Is this all-new gear, or is the Bartok replacing another DAC? What else did you compare the Bakoon against? When I demoed Bartok, I used my Susvara along with a couple of other cans. The internal Bartok HP amp did better than I expected, but it doesn’t have quite the power the Sus needs. The Bakoon specs suggest it does.

The bakoon and Susvara are fairly new, I had an RME ADI2 dac fs for a couple of weeks but having spent so much money already in the amp and headphones decided to just upgrade the DAC too.

At this point just wondering what are the best settings on the Bartok and if I should get an additional power conditioner as well.

Did you end up doing this with the Bakoon and the Susvaras?

I’m thinking of going a similar way with my Bartók — use the single-ended outputs for the Bakoon/Susvaras and the balanced outputs for my speaker system.