Bartok, with and without headphones, vs the Network Bridge

Hopefully, I will be auditioning both the Network Bridge and the Bartok this week, to see which has the best SQ and functionality. Obviously the Bridge is dependant on what DAC is used.
I have noticed that most of the reviews on the Bartok, including Darko’s, are based on using the unit with headphones. Why is that? Given the fact that it can be purchased with or without the headphone module. I have no intention of using headphones, and will put my faith in my Kudos Titan 606’s. :+1:

Both these units are praised and respected by audiophiles all over the world.

It may well not be the case, but I’m hoping that if I like the Bridge, I’m gonna love the Bartok? Or, is the Bartok aimed at headphone listeners?

No, its an option. The DAC is identical for with or without 'phones. Just as you can buy a Rossini with or without an inbuilt CD drive or buy any selection of the 4 boxes that can make up a Vivaldi system.

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Thanks Pete.

Morning Pete
Forgot to ask you, and I apologise if this is a silly question, but to have the Headphone amp upgrade on the Bartok, is an extra £3,000. Does this mean that if one chooses the non Headphone version, it doesn’t come with a Headphone output socket?

The non-headphone version of Bartok comes without headphone output sockets, and with 1 front panel selection button less (Output selection line out / headphone out).


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@Ermos…Not seen that photo before. All the stock photos of the Bartok from most UK dealers, show it with the Headphone output.
Thanks for your help :+1:

Here is one more:

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Nice! :grinning:

And in black:

Black will be my colour…to match my Naim 282/300DR. :+1:
Is that your unit?

Beaten to it by some excellent responses from our friends here.

If you look at this thread there are some photos of the interior and you can see that the DAC is the same for both versions with the headphone section being an additional power supply and circuitry:

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No, just found this photo doing a on-line search. This one is mine:

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Very nice indeed! :+1:

I don’t listen to headphones but went ahead and bought the headphones equipped unit to give myself an opportunity to explore another listening experience :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be looking out for a good pair of headphones soon :slight_smile:

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That’s cool👌