Bartok wit HA and adding the Lina Amp for more Power


I currently have a Bartok with the internal amp upgrade. I have a Lina on order and will receive the AMP ahead of the DCA & Clock.

Until my full Lina arrives I would like to check adding the Lina amp to the Bartok to beef it up so my 1266/Susvara HP’s can benefit to their full ability.

Thoughts? And setting suggestions on the hook up, volume controls etc

I think that it should be straightforward. I’d use the XLR analog outputs to the LINA amp. The volume would be controlled by the Bartok.

Better: set Bartók to 6V out, 0.0dB out (max volume), and use the Bartók’s XLR outs into the Lina amp’s unbuffered XLRs in. Volume is controlled by the Lina amp.

To add: for your Abyss 1266 and Susvara: set Gain to high on the Lina amp.


Definitely this…

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Trouble in Lina land……….set up the Lina Amp to the bartok……no sound on any settings.

Volume on lina or bartok not working? Set to 6v still 0 on headphones?


Hi Anthony,

Sorry that you’re having problems…

Which input have you connected the Bartok to on the Lina Headphone Amp and are you absolutely sure that you have selected that input on the Lina Headphone Amp?

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Phil Harris

To add to Phil’s reply: you need to see a white light on the bottom centre of your Lina amp, just above the input selector. This indicates the unbuffered XLR input of your Lina.

Also: did you change the Output setting of your Bartók from Headphone to Line?

On your Bartók:

Assuming that Anthony has hooked it up to the unbuffered XLR inputs then yes … :slight_smile:

Yup - that was going to be the next question … :smiley:


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Thank you all. Got it. Exactly as described, needed to go back to line operation off headphones. And set the correct inputs etc. all working now.

Awesome - glad you’re up and running… :slight_smile:


Good to hear that you have music!

And, how does it sound? Any good?