Bartok - upsampling

there is no upsampling option in Mosaic app
but after i chose it at the front panel of bartok
Mosaic app has this option
i am not sure it is a fake button, there is no difference between dsd and dxd or none
not sure it is right from internet review, bartok upsample all audio signal?
any info? thx.

This is unfortunately a Mosaic App error. From time to time, some functions disappear from the application and you need to turn off the device by pressing the button on the back panel and after 10s waiting to restart. This is a temporary solution before DCS engineers diagnose the problem. Changes in sound when selecting the upsampling type are. They are not so drastic but subtle. So sometimes it’s quite difficult to hear. At least I have such a problem.

When using my vivaldi upsampler, the differences are quite evident.

Dsd brings a wider soundstage, and a more smooth presentation

DXD brings a smaller soundstage, but punchier sound.

I pretty much prefer the dsd sound.

Just wonder it is a fake button
there is no switching sound between DSD and DXD

i can hear the difference the upsampling by my Transport from 44.1 to 176.4

sometimes, bartok mosaic show nothing in upsampling. does it mean runnning at 44.1?

read from reviews, bartok will upsample in any ways.

Mosaic shows a different selection of options depending upon which dCS device is the network source. I do not have a Bartok but a Vivaldi Upsampler so this idea comes from the operational selection available for that device, I can only guess that Bartok provides a similar option.

If you go to the Device option on Mosaic do you have an upsample clone mode? If selected then that will make any selected track play at its native resolution rather than an upsampled one.

As for switching noise when changing upsampling rate, in a dCS stack there is the sound of a relay operating in the DAC to mute it while the change occurs. As Bartok is a one box implementation I do not know if that muting relay is required. If not the change would be without noise. In any case the main display of Bartok should show the bit depth and sample frequency of what it is processing.

NB: It is not possible to generalise on available filters across all dCS DACS as the selection varies machine to machine and the type of filter can also vary according to the resolution being used even if the filter number is the same.