Bartok Tunetot amplifier suggestions

Hi All,
I am streamlining my system due to moving home and have just upgraded from an NB to Bartok 2.0 that I’d like to use as my system pre amp.
I am running Wilson tunetots (with sub).
Looking for power amplifier suggestions that may offer synergy with the above.
My only caveats are space (I could take shoebox monos though) and a tightening of budget as funds have fast dwindled!!!
room size is 3m x 4.5m

Try Benchmark HBA2 , two , mono bridged, or just one as stereo . Good price and very precise and transparent sound.

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Thank you , AHB2 not HBA2…as I said. Sorry.
I’ve got one and I’m very happy with this amplifier.

Hello, I was curious about the subwoofer you use with TuneTot? What model is this and how does it work?
Regards, Robert

Hi Robert,
I used a REL T5x with the bassline blue high level cable, did the job very well, but I did hear the tots with the Wilson sub and it was very impressive
Tots actually do well without in the right room

Hi Clint,
Thank you very much for your quick reply. Your experiences are very helpful to me. I have a small listening room with even worse proportions than yours. I want to set TuneTot on stands. I have a REL T5i sub and after buying TuneTot I will try to combine the sub and speakers into a synergistic team.
What amp did you choose to drive TuneTot?
Regards Robert

@Klint Hi Clint, i use the Wilson Alexia 2 and just up-grade my amp to the DartZeel CTH-8550MK2 and I’m supper happy. To be honest one of the best amps i heard regardless the price and works TOP with my Wilson. If the founds not allow i would look to the Primaluna, they sound much above is price.