Bartok streaming quality from Mosaic vs Tidal,Roon,Qbuz direct?


Great community board. I just set up my Bartok this weekend. Its really outstanding. I have Roon with Tidal and Qbuz and Apple Music via airplay services.

Although I love Roon as it contains 1000 of my own ripped CD’s. I love the simplicity of Mosaic. My question is related to the very best sound quality. The Options are:

1-Using Roon and getting to Tidal and Qbuz via room sign on (enabling my 1000CD collection to be seen)
2- Going thru Mosaic to get on the streaming services?
3- Going directly thru the streaming service?

Are the sound quality benefits/disadvantages to one over another?
How can I get my 1000 cd’s to be seen in Mosaic if that’s the preference?