Bartok Review in German Stereoplay

I have always wondered what would happen if a German magazine did a review of a dCS Product. Well, now I know. Stereoplay have reviewed Bartok in their latest edition. It went straight to the top of their list, ex aequo with the T+A SDV 3100 HV (which is in the Rossini price bracket).
I chuckled when I read their last sentence of the review:
“one could now imagine whether there are even better products in the dCS range - I’d rather not”
@Andrew , the review is not yet on dCS’ website
Here are some screenshots:
[Screenshots removed for copyright reasons]

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The review says the Bartók has 2 separate transformers, one for digital and one for analog. That is incorrect.

It also says the Bartók only loses some points in their final rating because of “eine etwas holprig funktionierende App”, “a somewhat bumpy functioning app”.

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Thought so, too, but then, I believe I’m seeing two transformers on the last photograph as well - what’s the second one for?

Greetings from Switzerland, David.

They big blue one is the general transformer, for both digital and analog. The small one to the left is found only in the headphone version of the Bartók, and feeds the headphone amp section.

For more details, please look here:


What’s that in English Erno, about the app? :smiley:

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Rudi, that is an interesting thing to read but I should point out that posting an entire article rather than just a link to it may infringe Stereoplay’s copyright. Please have look at the Terms of Service of our Community forum clause 2:

Sorry as this is a boring thing to post but I am sure that none of us would want to find either dCS or ourselves involved in a rights dispute.

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Thanks for pointing this out, Pete
I hope dCS post the review on their website. They should be entitled to do so legally

The Dutch distributor,, has put up a PDF version of that article…